RB mobbed on campaign trail

FORMER president Rupiah Banda was on Wednesday mobbed by residents of Chilenje and Kamanga townships when he made a rare visit to markets in the two residential areas.
Mr. Banda visited markets in Chilenje and Kamanga to the amusement of the marketeers.
The marketers told Mr. Banda that they had suffered enough at the hands of the PF.
Mailes Ka…laba of Kamanga market told Mr. Banda that the PF had brought alot of misery in the manner they were governing the country for the past three years.
Ms. Kalaba said since the PF took over no positive change had taken place apart from food prices going up and those of other essential commodities.
She said marketers were finding business difficult because there was no money in people’s pockets and former President Banda expressed sadness over the levels of poverty the two townships were facing saying the people of Zambia deserved a better life.
Mr. Banda wondered why the PF who had promised a good life the people had failed to work towards improving the conditions of living.
He said it was inhumane for the PF to subject the people of Zambia to untold misery, adding that the water and sanitation was a source of concern.
“Leaders should learn to live by their word. I thought we will find things changed from the way we left them three years ago. It is shameful that the PF has failed to take advantage of a clear and attractive economic environment we left to better and improve the quality of life of the people,” he said.