The reign of Guy Scott


A little humility will serve Mr. Miles Sampa well.

All Zambians are now aware that the so called general conference that elected him was a fraud because it did not have a quorum and more importantly because there was an injunction against it.

These facts were brought to his attention and to the attention of acting President Guy Scott. They collectively chose to ignore these very important facts.

As Judge Chali rightly noted, it was tempting fate for Sampa to challenge the court on these matters that are common cause.

It is not the duty of the courts to determine leadership in political parties. If anything these parties are supposed to be led by men and women who exercise wisdom, discretion and collegial counsel.

We are convinced that the problems that have engulfed the Patriotic Front (PF) are as a result of Acting President Guy Scott’s mishandling of the party’s succession process after President Michael Sata died in London on October 28.

There is a common saying in all Zambian languages that one finger cannot pick lice.

Dr. Scott thought, he could, by himself determine the direction of the party without the involvement of senior Zambian party officials.

This has resulted in a divided party with diminishing prospects of success at the polls.

It stands to simple logic that the second conference held by Dr. Scott was illegal and at worst nonsensical because it made no sense to meet after most of the delegates had left. Almost all members of the National Council, Central Committee and party officials had left. Why was Dr. Scott scared of the people he had summoned for the conference? Ms. Masebo had no such fear. She addressed the meeting as she arranged for another registration process in Kabwe town which the assembled audience rejected. They rejected to board buses that Dr. Scott provided and rightly so.

They instead demanded that any accreditation should have been done at the rock of authority. That was not to be.

How will the PF members who elected Edgar Lungu as PF president look at Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa who has also been masquerading as the party’s president?

This is all because of Dr Scott’s inability to accommodate other PF members’ views and dictating his decisions to the party organs.

Therefore, it cannot be denied that unless urgent measures are put in place to unite PF members, the ruling party will go to the polls a divided political party.

PF needed a unity of purpose to enter the presidential race to effectively challenge and hold on to power but in its current fractured status, the ruling party may, come 20th January, 2015 find itself in the opposition because of refusing to agree to differ.

Instead of embracing all members of the PF, Dr Scott decided to embark on a mission whose destination, only he knew.

He is a Vice-President who was never given a chance to act as President in the three years of PF in Government. So far, Dr Scott has lost every battle in the PF succession process be it electoral or legal.

Dr Scott still has a chance to correct his mistakes by accepting that one cannot always have his way. He won the journey towards the general conference but the will of PF members prevailed and Edgar Lungu took the day.