HH prioritises job creation

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the UPND shall prioritise job creation among other key economic sectors when voted into office.
Speaking on Kabwe’s KNC radio station, Mr. Hichilema said one of the ways his government would create more jobs was by reducing the retirement age from the current 65 years to 55 years so that people can retire …when they have energy and be involved in private life to further create employment. Mr Hichilema called this formula a ‘double value’.
“We shall reduce the retirement age from the current 65 years to 55 years and once someone retires, they must be given their retirement package quickly so that they engage into other businesses and create further employment for the youths, mind you when these people retire they will have left vacancies for the young ones, they will also start businesses where they shall employ other young people. We may call this as double value,” he said.
The UPND leader who was flanked by Alliance for Development and Democracy president Charles Milupi said he was saddened that Kabwe which was a flourishing agriculture and industrial place has now been hit by unemployment.  He further regretted that PF government had cheated on the reopening of the Mulungushi textiles, which he said his government would find a lasting solution.
On infrastructure development, he said his government would not only concentrate on high ways but also work on feeder roads so that farm produce can easily be transported. He said when farm produce transportation is affordable, together with reduced prices inputs’, it would be possible for government to make mealie meal prices affordable to many Zambians. Mr. Hichilema said clinics with qualified staff will also be improved.
And ADD leader Charles Milupi said he had resolved to support UPND because he wanted a 100% sure way of getting the PF out of government in the January 20th by- election.  Mr. Milupi said Mr. Hichilema had been consistent on economic development and as such he needs support. And after the radio appearance, Mr. Hichilema went to worship at the Kabwe central SDA church where a special prayer was made for him.