Scott must be made accountable

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott will be arrested after the January presidential election for abuse of office and authority, former Munali member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri has vowed

She said Zambians would ensure that Dr Scott accounted for crimes he had committed while acting as republican president,.

Ms Phiri said Dr Scott along with his friends who have refused to accept that Mr Lungu was the Patriotic Front (PF) president and the party’s presidential candidate were frustrating Defence and Justice minister from assuming the republican presidency because they were worried that the abuse of office and authority law was watching and waiting for them.

Ms Phiri told the Sunday Nation in an interview yesterday that she would campaign and petition the new government under Mr Lungu to ensure that Dr Scott and the cartel were arrested for the economic and political transgressions they had committed against Zambians.

She said Dr Scott abused his authority and the office of president when he ordered the presidential guard to escort Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo to disrupt the national council meeting at the PF legally convened general conference.

She said no amount of propaganda against Mr Lungu would change the people’s mind because Zambians had realized that the country was under threat because of the clandestine and evil activities of the cartel that almost hijacked the PF leadership while President Michael Sata was still alive.

She accused Dr Scott of supporting the opposition than the ruling party adding that it was not out of impulse that the Vice-President declared that he would not campaign nor vote for Mr Lungu.

“We know that it is the scheme of Dr Scott and his friends to frustrate our candidate and ensure the opposition takes over government. On the day he was receiving nomination papers from Mr Lungu, I heard him say he will not campaign nor vote for our candidate and it is not surprising that he would enjoy the victory of an opposition political party. But God is in control and he has not brought Mr Lungu this far for nothing. So let him know that he will be arrested and prosecuted for abuse of office and authority when Edgar Lungu becomes president after the January election,” Ms Phiri said.

She said Zambians were resolved that President Sata was the last of the era of old leadership and that Mr Lungu had the capacity to govern and unite the PF and the nation at large that had been divided by a clique of individuals whose interest was to have full control of State power.

She said in the three years the PF had been in power, some members of the cartel had amassed a lot of worth, both financially and in property and that time would soon come when they would be made to account for their riches.

3 thoughts on “Scott must be made accountable

  1. Thats true and collect ms mumbi,scott wanted to burry satas legacy,lets campaign and ensure that lungu carries a day.

  2. We voted for PF in 2011 and hoped they would bring positive change after the MMD misrule. People like Mumbi Phiri are making the PF unpopular. Please Edgar if you win next year, cleanse the party of mischievous elements like this woman.

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