Cartel must be probed

The cartel should be investigated to establish the full extent of impropriety in their administration of public resources, a Chisamba youth official Gilbert Nyirenda has demanded.

Mr Nyirenda said since it was common knowledge that the cartel members had been in charge of so many Government resources which included public property, they should be investigated so that Zambians could know where their property has gone.

He said the full investigations should start with how the Task Force on Corruption was managed and how the assets were disposed of after its abolition.

“There were a lot of resources that the cartel members handled when they were in charge of the Task Force on Corruption but up to now nothing is known about how the assets were handled. Government should probe the cartel,” Mr Nyirenda said.

He said there was supposed to be accountability in the use of public resources hence the need for the presidential hopefuls to  sign the people’s charter and agree on the way forward after the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.

Some of the demands of Zambians in the people’s charter include the dismantling of the cartel and all its vestiges implanted in Government structures including the judiciary to ensure that politically aided tax evasion, criminal loan  default and abuse of criminal justice system for political ends were eliminated and never countenanced  in any form or fashion.

Others are the appointment of commissions of inquiry into (a) suspension of the three judges  (b) procurement of  fuel stocks, thus locking Zambia into expensive fuel (c) task force on corruption, regarding expenditure, disposal of exhibits and prosecute abusers.

The charter also calls for the institution of genuine judicial reforms and re-scrutinise judicial appointments to thwart the appointment of individuals manifestly aligned to sectional interests.


One thought on “Cartel must be probed

  1. Nyirenda mwana waketu, Chungu Xavier has compiled a dossier on this. Late Sata was shown but due to his advanced illness was unable to pursue this matter but opted to do two things: kept the cartel at an arms length and confided into Lungu and tasked him to pursue them. This information is well known to the cartel that’s why they are hell bent to sabotage Lungu at all cost. Unfortunately and typical cartel modus operadi the have taken advantage of rogues like GBM, Sampa and the like.

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