‘Don’t destroy your political career’

MATERO Member of Parliament Miles Sampa should seriously reflect on his political ambitions to become the president of Zambia before he destroys his political future, says political activist Pamela Bwalya.

Ms. Bwalya said Mr. Sampa had overrated himself to the extent of seeking the office of president.

She said Mr. Sampa should not rush because he would soon crash politically and destroy his chances of becoming one in the near future.

“I am shocked and don’t knowwhere this desire is coming from. I am wondering whether Sampa is true to this ambition of becoming a president of Zambia. I have to give him a brotherly advice that ‘‘teka umutima panshi. Aba bantu bekubomfya for their personal benefits,” said Ms. Bwalya.

Ms. Bwalya said it was ‘‘outrageous’’ for Mr. Sampa whose standing in his constituency has been controversial to think of contesting the position of president of the republic.

She said people in Matero constituency have complained against the way he was distributing development.

“Sampa has issues in thinking that Matero constituency is Matero and Emmasdale townships. Areas like George compound, Chunga, Lilanda, SOS and other areas around Matero are not part of his constituency,” said Ms. Bwalya.

Ms. Bwalya challenged Mr. Sampa to tell the nation who was funding him for the presidency of Zambia, adding that without any explanation Mr. Sampa remained a joker.

She said all those who were contesting for the presidency should realize that managing a country was not like running a constituency.

“Mr. Sampa should realise that Zambia is not Matero or Lusaka. Zambia does not belong to people like his violent machete carrying cadres alone. So Sampa falls short of the glory for president. If he fails to discipline or stop his cadres from beating people at Matero’s BIGOCA then what about at national level,” said Ms. Bwalya.

Ms. Bwalya urged Zambians to take the forthcoming by-election seriously and consider voting for tested and mature leaders and not players whose excitement was derived from certain sectors of society who thought they have power to create kings.