‘Arrest Lungu” Plot backfires

A PLOT to arrest Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu and knock him out of the presidential race through forged court documents has backfired and the Zambia police has been alerted over the criminal manouvres.
Austin Katunta, a former diplomat alleged to have filed a complaint against Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu and …Tourism and Arts minister Jean Kapata in the Magistrate Court requesting criminal prosecution against the duo over their High Court affidavits has denied ever authoring the complaint.
Mr Katunta, a former Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officer, has described the purported report attributed to him as nothing but an act of forgery, perjury and impersonation and has accused PF Matero constituency chairman Morgan Ng’ona of having committed the crimes.
But when contacted, Mr Ng’ona said he was shocked by the accusations but refused to comment further, promising that he would only issue a comprehensive statement after studying the matter.
Mr Ng’ona said he had heard that he had been accused by Mr Katunta of having forged court documents but denied having lied to the courts and altering documents.
“I have heard about the accusations and I am shocked. I will not comment for now but I want to study the allegations before making a statement. What he (Katunta) has said is not true but it is unfair. Give me time to study the matter and I will certainly call you to respond comprehensively,” Mr Ng’ona said.  But at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Katunta said that at no time did he complain about the contents of the affidavits of Mr Lungu and Ms Kapata over the Cabinet meeting that passed a resolution to have the instruments of power transferred to Vice-President Guy Scott from the Defence and Justice minister.
Mr Katunta denied having signed an affidavit nor given consent to anyone to use his name in what he has called criminal acts meant to cause confusion in the ruling party.
It has been alleged that Mr Katunta last week lodged a complaint against Mr Lungu and Ms Kapata over the contents of a Cabinet meeting that appointed Dr Scot as Acting President in which it was reported that the Defence and Justice minister was threatened with treason by Attorney General Musa Mwenye if he (Lungu) was going to resist to hand over power to the Vice-President.
In the complaint, Mr Katunta is alleged to have complained that the facts disclosed by Mr Lungu and Ms Kapata in their affidavits to the High Court amounted to a criminal offence and that the magistrate was being requested to institute criminal proceedings against the duo.
“I have learnt that a complaint was filed in the Lusaka Magistrate s Court using my name and details. This is in a matter where Newton Ng’uni is contesting the alleged irregular manner in which the hand-over of the presidency was done on 29, October 2014 following the death of President Michael Sata. I wish to clearly and categorically state that I did not complain about this matter. I did not lay any complaint to the Lusaka Magistrates Court. I did not sign any affidavit, I did not give consent for anyone to use my name,” Mr Katunta said.
He said the purported complaint against Mr Lungu and Ms Kapata was a serious case of forgery, adding that the matter was so serious that it needed the immediate investigation and arrest of the culprits involved in the criminal acts.
Mr Kakunta alleged that Mr Ng’ona called him (Katunta) to get his personal details to be used for something that was going to be disclosed at a later time.
He said after he had volunteered his details to Mr Ng’ona, the Matero constituency chairman never contacted him again and he was surprised that there was a media report to the effect that he (Mr. Katema) had lodged a complaint against Mr Lungu and Ms Kapata to the Lusaka Magistrates Court.
“The said report showed that I had raised a complaint to the court when in fact not. This is a very serious case of forgery. I am therefore surprised that a complaint was raised in my name and it is for this reason that I wish to proceed to make a formal complaint against Mr Ng’ona to police. I find the use of my name without my express authority by way of signing to be a very serious criminal offence and I take strong exception,” Mr Katunta said. He alleged that Mr Ng’ona forged the court documents and had therefore committed the offence of altering false documents, forgery and perjury by lying to the courts of law that he had raised a complaint against the PF leader when it was not true.