Fake K50 notes in circulation

ZAMBIA Direct Democrcay Movement (ZDDM) has revealed that there are fake Jubilee K50 bank notes in circulation.

The notes are smaller in size and do not have a security line.

ZDDM vice president Charles Kafumbo said in an interview that the fake Jubilee K50 notes have been circulating for some time now and was sure that Government knew about it.

But Government spokesperson Joseph Katema has challenged ZDDM to report the matter to police.

In an interview, Dr. Katema said it was unreasonable for the ZDDM leadership to accuse Government of knowing about the fake bank notes, urging Mr. Kafumbo to report the matter to police.

Mr. Kafumbo said he was disappointed that some people in their desperation have printed fake K50 notes and put them into circulation.

“This is the money they are corrupting the electorates with. Why do we have an increase in fake Jubilee K50 notes in circulation?” he asked.

Mr. Kafumbo warned Zambians to be wary of the fake K50 notes in circulation.

“ZDDM is warning the people of Zambia that there are fake jubilee K50 notes in circulation which have been printed corrupt people during this campaign period.

I just have to remind the people of Zambia, in 2011 the PF accused MMD of having printed money which they circulated but this time around we have evidence of the fake notes,” said Mr. Kafumbo.

And Mr. Kafumbo has challenged the Bank of Zambia to explain the circulation of fake jubilee K50 notes.

He said the Central Bank has the responsibility to ensure that the people of Zambia were not duped and defrauded.

“The Bank of Zambia is the custodian of our money and for them to fail to detect fake money in circulation, it leaves a lot to be desired with regards to the security of our currency.

This is means that our currency is vunerable,” said Mr. Kafumbo.