Foul-mouthed man fined K600 for defamation of character

A 22-year-old man has been ordered by a local court in Lusaka to pay K600 as compensation for defamation of character.

Senior Court Magistrate Harriet Mbewe sitting at Matero Local Court ordered Musa Phiri,  of Mandevu compound to compensate Jane Zulu, 21, of the same compound for defamation of character.

But Phiri denied defaming Zulu and said that it was herself Zulu who always said her child had different blood and father.

Zulu explained that when she followed the father of her child, Junior, to get child maintenance funds at a garage, she found Phiri in the company of his friends.

Phiri told Zulu that his friend, Junior, could not give her child maintenance funds because it was not his child.

She explained that Phiri also told him that the child had different blood and different fathers.

Zulu added that she wanted to get the papers from court and go for a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the child.

In cross-examination, Phiri denied having said that Junior was not the father of Phiri’s child but said that it was herself who told her.

In defence, Phiri said he was denying because that was what Zulu always said when asked about the father of the child.

Asked by Zulu why she stayed with Junior if he was not the father of her child, Phiri said she stayed with Junior because of his boast about having money.

In submission, Zulu said Phiri defamed her because she was no longer at peace in the community. Phiri said Zulu always said Junior was not the father of her child.

Passing judgment Magistrate Mbewe said that Phiri defamed Zulu by doubting that Junior was not the father of her child.

She said Phiri had failed to bring Junior to be his witness.

Phiri was ordered to pay the fine by instalments of K100 per month. She said that if Zulu insisted to go for DNA she should go with Junior.