Vicious desperation

DESPERATE people do very desperate things, and the more desperate the more vicious.

The attempt to institute criminal proceedings against presidential hopeful Edgar Lungu is a typical example of how the criminal justice system has been abused to vilify and demonize innocent people, who happen to fall in the web of deceit.

The trio of Edgar Lungu, Jean Kapata and Newton Ng’uni were supposed to have been prosecuted for allegedly revealing secret information regarding the acrimonious meeting at which Edgar Lungu was allegedly threatened with treason if he did not hand over power to Dr. Guy Scott.

It is interesting that the very first reports about the threat of treason were printed long before the (offending) court papers were submitted. This means that somebody leaked the information about the confrontation in Cabinet and therefore any investigation and arrest should start with those who first leaked the extent of the conflict in Cabinet, to which Lungu and Kapata were simply responding in defending themselves. 

It is quite clear that the threat of treason were the result of intense debate regarding the procedure used and indeed the validity of the process which is now before courts of law as many people still believe that Dr. Scott was not qualified to serve as Acting President.

In essence the threats were publicized to stop Zambians who felt that an injustice had been committed in handing over power to Dr. Scott to whom power had not once been handed by the late President and indeed because he did not qualify to serve as President.

It is fortunate that Zambians have come to learn of the subterfuge in which documents were allegedly forged in a bid to incriminate Lungu and his colleagues otherwise the nation would have been none the wiser.  

 It is bad enough to secure information by fraudulent means but another to then utter and present that information to a court of law with the intention of injuring another person. In this case the intention was to secure the arrest and prosecution of Presidential hopeful Edgar Lungu.

From the very beginning we expressed our doubts about the matter. It was very clear that this was conspiracy intended to injure Edgar Lungu, by people who are scared of his ascension to power. For some reason they seem petrified about this prospect and will do anything and everything possible to sabotage this eventuality.

There must a very good reason for this desperation.

It cannot be political because no such angst and rancor has been shown against other candidates vying for the Presidency. They have not been subjected to the level of vilification that seems targeted at Edgar who for all practical purposes has not provoked this anger.

There is no question that influence peddling characterized Mr. Sata’s Presidency where three judges could be suspended at a go without following the law, all because those who held him captive were able to carry the day.

Such influence is the bane of good governance and must never be allowed. That is why perhaps Edgar is loathed because he has indicated his intention to deal with this corruption decisively. We hope other Presidential candidates will also pronounce themselves unequivocally on these governance issues.

Zambians want integrity, probity and transparency in governance. Crooks should not be allowed to determine Government policy.