Bio diversity critical to counter climate change

There is need to support bio diversity that cannot harm the natural environment, according to economic policy and labour specialist, James Musonda.

He observed that agriculture, forestry and human health had been adversely affected by climate change, thereby significantly affecting the economic, social and environmental dimensions of the country’s sustainable development.

He said it should not be ignored that Zambia’s economic survival was predominantly based on the exploitation of the country’s natural resources, copper.

Mr Musonda said it was sad that the negative effects of climate conditions to which the country was exposed overtly affect these resources.

Mr Musonda expressed disappointment to leaders who appeared to have ignored the impact of economic activities such as mining and fertilizer based farming on the environment.

“While the rest of the world is looking at what impact capitalist production like mining has on the environment, Zambian leaders seem to ignore this important subject, no one appears to talk about the solutions,” he said.

Recent research indicates that the current global capitalist production based finite natural resources could not be sustained for a longer period than 50 to 100 years.

He said the climate-induced changes to physical and biological systems were already being felt and exerting considerable stress on the country, and that agriculture, wildlife, forestry, water and energy had been adversely affected by climate change.

“Zambia faces the huge threat due to lack of resources to mitigate the impact of climate change against an equally heavy potential to damage the lifeblood of our economy-agriculture,” he said.

Mr Musonda said copper mines in Zambia were known for polluting the environment and thereby endangering life, adding that could not be ignored.

He said politicians should therefore not ignore that and must instead come up with different ideas to address the problem.

“The business as usual kind of economic management based on the assumption that natural resources are infinite will be devastating to the future of this country,” he added.