No cheating at ZAAA-Mpondela

ONLY candidates in good standing with the Zambia Amature Athletics Association (ZAAA) are eligible to contest any position of their choice at the December 27, 2014, elective annual general meeting, association president Elias Mpondela has reiterated.

In an interview to clarify his position to contest  the forthcoming International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) next year, Mr. Mpondela said he wants  to contest any  position in any committee at the IAAF and not the presidency.

He said it was therefore important that the people of Zambia and ZAAA affiliates and clubs support his candidature at the forthcoming local elections because one was illigible to contest at IAAF if he belonged to an association.

“I just want to reiterate my earlier call to our members and  our affiliates that only illIgible clubs and associations will be able to participate in this election at ZAAA this monthend. There is no need for our members who are illigible to fear going to the Mulungushi Rock of Authority to go and elect their leaders to take over ZAAA,” said Mpondela.

Mpondela said those who were fighting in the media should for once stop and focus on preaching what they would do for affiliate members when elected to lead ZAAA.

“For me I have done it. I have created area boards starting with provincial and this time around heading towards districts. So it is important that those who have complaints channel them through the provincial area boards for us to act,” said Mpondela.

And ZAAA aspiring presidential candidate Samuel Matete has expressed disappointment in the manner the venue has been changed from Lusaka to Kabwe at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority.

Matete, the former world champion, said there was need to change the leadership at ZAAA in order to meet expected standards in athletics at international level.

He said such a dream could only be achieved if members elect new leaders whose desire was to promote and build a team to represent the country through talent identification and promotuion of local sports in schools and at grassroots.

“This is why we need change at the top of ZAAA. It is unfortunate that the president Mr. Mpondela is eyeing some job at IAAF. He knows the procedure and what should be done. It is therefore important that we put people with interest and focus to manage local sports,” said Matete.

On Tuesday Mpondela said he would contest any executive position at the IAAF elective general meeting next year in order to serve world atheletics at a higher level having gained so much experience but with the support of the local association.

Mpondela also said he would defend his position as ZAAA president at the forthcoming elections this monthend.