Expel Scott or lose

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has declared himself an enemy number one of the Patriotic Front (PF) and will celebrate victory of the opposition after the January 20, 2015 presidential election, civil rights actvist Brebner Changala has cautioned.
Mr Changala said unless the PF moved swiftly and expelled Dr Scott and stopped him from getting involved in al…l party activities, the ruling party would have itself to blame if it lost power in the presidential election next month.
Mr Changala said it had become abundantly clear that Dr Scott was working at frustrating the ruling party from retaining power and that was why he had arrogantly refused to campaign for PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.
He said the ruling party had been denied the privilege of the power of incumbency which former president Michael Sata could have enjoyed, which facility Mr. Lungu would have been allowed to enjoy if he had not surrendered the instruments of power to Dr Scott.
He told the Daily Nation that it was not surprising that Dr Scott was leaking private conversations he had been having with senior PF leaders to his allies some of whom were media owners because his aim was to embarass and ridicule the ruling party leadership.
Mr Changala said it was unimaginable that Dr Scott as one of the top leaders in the PF could refuse to recognise the candidature of his own party president and even declare that he would neither campaign nor vote for Mr Lungu.
He however said Dr Scott has been sencere enough by openly refusing to reconcile with Mr Lungu and it was up to the PF as a private club to be decisive and immediately isolate him because he (Scott) had become an obstacle to the smooth operations of the ruling party.
Mr Changala claimed that Dr Scott would be comfortable with the opposition victory because his public actions were pointing to the fact that he was no longer a PF member.
“PF as a club has tolerated the unbecoming behaviour of Dr Scott for a long time. It is a known fact and undisputable fact Dr Scott has both his legs in the opposition. To be candid, Dr Scott and his sponsors will celebrate if the PF is defeated in the January presidential by-election. He has been so antagonistic and unreasonable towards the party we know is his. Dr Scott has become uncompromising and difficult and is threatening the harmony and unity of the PF. Unless the leadership in the party immediately isolate him, there is a real possibility that the PF will lose the January presidential election and Dr Scott and his sponsors will be celebrating,” Mr Changala said.
He stated that since the defeat of Dr Scott’s preffered candidates in the PF succession process, the Vice-President had declared war against Mr Lungu and had completely lost interest in the affairs of the ruling party.
Mr Changala stated that what was keeping Dr Scott in the PF was the transition period over which he was presiding and the State power he was enjoying as Acting President.
“It is high time the PF started treating Dr Scott as an enemy of the PF. He has been leaking PF information and activities to his freinds in some media house. The ruling party can only continue tolerating him at their own risk. The PF should be ready for Dr Scott to hand over power to the opposition if they will not get rid of him now,” Mr Changala said.
Mr Changala said Dr Scott and his sponsors were spending sleepless nights scheming and ploting how to bring down the PF following their failure to impose a candidate of their choice on the party.