I want to unite Zambians -RB

THE security and peace of Zambia is being threatened by tribal politics the Patriotic Front (PF) has introduced, former president Rupiah Banda has charged.
Mr Banda said his mission was to unite Zambians regardless of tribe.
He dismissed assertions that he wanted to become president again because he wanted to punish some people.
Mr Banda was a…ddressing a well-attended impromptu political rally at Comet grounds in Kabwe.
He said that he was an experienced leader who had the capacity to bring the people of Zambia together because he had done it before and could do it again.
Mr. Banda said Zambia needed a tested and experienced leader to take the through this transitional period, coming after  very tribal and divisive policies
“ Zambians and particularly the people of Kabwe this is a crucial time the country is going through and the best we can do as a people is to bring back a tested leadership whose experience would work towards the unification of this country. There is too much petty politics which is quickly destroying the country and dividing the one people we have had,” said Mr. Banda.
In the two years he would be in the office if voted into power next month, Mr Banda said he would work on giving the people of Zambia a people driven new Constitution.
Mr. Banda also said the people of Zambia would experience the reintroduction of maize, mealie meal and fuel subsidies again.
He said he was going to promote small scale businesses for poor families before Government could address the problems of youths and unemployment.
“Sisters and brothers don’t be cheated by these people going round making promises. I have done it and will do it again. I want to continue with all the good things we did as a Government before I was voted out. You have seen the kind of life the PF administration has introduced  you to,” said Mr. Banda.  Mr. Banda said the high prices of fuel pump prices had contributed to the increase in the cost of production, making life for middle and low income Zambians miserable and unbearable.
“Is this the change you wanted where you are failing to pay school fees for your kids? Is this the change you wanted where violence has become natural? Is this the change you wanted the PF to bring to you where you no longer meet certain obligations as family and a people?” Mr. Banda asked.
He said this was no time to vote for the 90 days slogans, adding that Zambia was bigger than the lies from certain individuals benefiting from Government contracts.
Mr Banda has appealed to the people of Kabwe not to believe  statements that he was too old to run the office of the republican president.
And All People’s Congress Party president Mason Msoni said time had come for Zambians to return dignity to the office of the president by electing decent and responsible leaders.
Mr. Msoni who is in the Banda entourage said this was not the time for experiments but for experienced leadership to govern.