Judge Philip Musonda lectures judicial reforms in Lesotho


FORMER – Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda is in Lesotho to help that country with judicial reforms that would provide efficient, speedy and quality justice to the people.

Dr Justice Musonda, one of Zambia’s respected and celebrated legal minds, was in Maseru to preside over a workshop aimed at reforming a legal justice system that would enhance Lesotho’s justice system.

According to reports from Lesotho that the mountaneous kingdom  was determined to come up with genuine judicial reforms devoid of targeting individuals percieved to be enemies of the ruling class.

The workshop that  opened on Wednesday in the Kingdom’s capital Maseru and closes after 10 days, would among other issues discuss human resource development.

Dr Justice Musonda who is a judicial administration expert would also deliver papers on principles of judicial administration as well as principles of budgeting for a modern judiciary.

The source said the workshop would also deal with the management of crises in the judiciary apart from the supervisory management.

The Daily Nation was told that Dr Justice Musonda would also be presenting papers on the evils of corruption in the judiciary and case management which deals with mediation and arbitration.

Dr Justice Musonda would also be discussing commercial court tules and electronic filing of court documents.