Moral imperative

VICE President Guy Scott has a moral imperative to step down and let the Patriotic Front (PF) complete the remaining term without him.
The Constitution dictates that a President should be sponsored by a political party and clearly Dr Scott is not the leader of the Patriotic Front and does not therefore   enjoy the confidence, support… and influence of the party.
There is a precedent from South Africa where the African National Congress (ANC) recalled President Thabo Mbeki when his conduct was at variance with the party.
We have no recall provision in our Constitution, but the various parties have provision to expel members for various reasons and misconduct is one such ground for expulsion.
It is very difficult to see how Dr Scott can continue to represent the ruling party at the highest office in the land when he obviously has turned his back on the organization.
We would have expected him to resign on his own but from the look of things, he has no moral courage to leave the high office even when PF members have passed a vote of no confidence in him.
Apart from the obvious practical difficulties involved, it is clear that the ruling party is in a complete quandary, a situation that may ultimately undermine governance in the country.
PF members should quickly turn to the Bible, more specifically Mark 3 vs 35. “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand,” it says.
We give this advice because whatever the claims of togetherness and unity in the ruling party after the general conferences in Kabwe, a critical observer of political affairs will notice that all is not well in the ruling party.
Not that the PF was a united political force before the Kabwe conferences. What has been holding the ruling party together has been the control of Government.
In other words, the Government has been controlled by a divided political party.
This is what we told Dr Scott when he insisted that the party should hold a general conference to elect a new PF president.
We went further to warn that the PF would come out of Kabwe more divided than they were before Mulungushi Rock of Authority.
As predicted, the parallel general conferences have left the PF deeply divided.
Imagine Dr Scott, who is the Vice President of the PF, cannot campaign for the presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu, just because he is not comfortable with him. And because it is not him he wanted to lead PF.
The divisions in PF are not good for the ruling party which hopes, if Mr Lungu is elected on January 20, to complete its five-year term of office before seeking another mandate.
But unfortunately this is what Zambians are witnessing in PF.
Unless the PF puts measures in place, including putting Dr Scott in his place, the consequences are too ghastly to contemplate.

One thought on “Moral imperative

  1. Scott said his only remaining task was to see that presidential elections are held in a free and fair transparent manner, period! What more would he be looking forward to? As soon as it is over so will he too abandon ship with nothing to lose since the A – Team has been shunted aside! Blame Scott as much as you want but do not forget that the chemistry was between him and the late Sata. Mark my words

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