PF youths vow to defend Edgar Lungu


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) youths have warned that they will not allow a clique of individuals scheming to knock out their party president Edgar Lungu from the presidential race through malicious legal challenges.

Julius Komaki, former PF Lusaka district vice chairman has warned that should the ruling party fail to retain the presidency in the coming presidential election through Mr Lungu, the youths would blame it on Vice-President Guy Scott and his friends.

Mr Komaki said the youths were aware that there had been schemes to arrest Mr Lungu so that he could fail to file his nomination papers with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and pave way for an easy victory for the opposition.

He said the youths across the country who defended late president Michael Sata when the cartel was plotting to oust him (Sata) from the presidency would never allow the party to be destroyed by selfish individuals who were bitter that power had slipped through their hands.

Mr Komaki said the youths in Lusaka defended President Sata when the cartel was enjoying State power and that they would not fail to deal with the clique especially that their political wings had been clipped by the dismissal of some of its members.

“Let them know that Mr Lungu is our president and we are going to do everything to protect him. We made sure he was elected president of the PF and nothing is going to stop him from contesting the republican presidency. We fought the cartel when it was most dangerous and we cannot fail to deal with them now. In fact they are in disarray because some of its members have been kicked out of Government where they were enjoying State power. We are warning Dr Scott and his friends that should PF fail to retain power, we will face him to explain to the youths,” Mr Komaki said.

He stated that Dr Scott and his friends had called for the PF general conference and insisted on following the party constitution but were the first to break the law by organizing an illegal and parallel congress at which they purported to have elected a presidential candidate who had since been told off by the courts.

He said Mr Lungu was the legitimate president of the PF and that Dr Scott and his clique should come to terms with the fact that the Defence and Justice minister was the heir to the presidency and should therefore be respected.

Mr Komaki said the delegates to the PF general conference were at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority for three days but Dr Scott decided to shun the meeting and instead held his illegal conference with the hope of imposing a candidate of his choice on the party.

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  1. Well well, the law needs to be respected by all people in the land you shouldnt be worried ; the police are there to deal with law brakers , people follow what is lawfull if what you did dont agree with the law then you should worry;

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