UTH water crisis shocks MP


Namwala Member of Parliament Lubezhi Moono says the current water shortage at the University Teaching Hospital was most unfortunate because the  medical institution was the biggest healthcare provider in Zambia.

Ms Moono said it was unacceptable that patients at the hospital have continued to bring water from home because there was no running water at the facility.

She said 50 years after independence, it was not right that the apex of the country’s health system should be experiencing such problems as water or electricity.

“We still have a long way to go with our 50 years independence because economically we are not yet liberated.

If we were, how come we do not have water at the highest health institution in the country?” Ms Moono said.

Ms Moono said this following a visit to UTH to see a relative who was admitted at the children’s wing, where relatives where seen bringing water from home in 20-litre containers.

And some patients at the maternity ward have been placed on floor beds due to limited bed-space to accommodate the number of nursing mothers admitted at the institution.Some relatives of patients admitted in Ward B21 said the ward was over crowded leaving no space for extra beds which left the nursing staff with no option but to put mattresses on the floor to accommodate more patients.

“We have been here a couple of days but there is no bed space and the patient is using what they are calling a floor-bed. There are many people sleeping on mattresses on the floor,” Ms Martha Kombe said.

She explained that it was quiet unhygienic as there was a lot of dirt and bacteria on the hospital floor.

UTH has experienced overcrowding and unending congestion due to the high population in Lusaka as the only high level referral health institution in the country.

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  1. Shame !!!!!!!!! This “Dog Driven Constitution “. Has done it again it took President Satan to have water running. Dr Scott has always stated that He was only a. “Chola -Boy” The truth is No People driven Connstitution No Real Development

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