Chitimukulu to move to his palace

PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people is going back to his palace after a platoon of police officers deployed at the palace to block the traditional leader from occupying his official residence are withdrawn.

The Bashilubemba told the Daily Nation in Kasama that preparations were underway to move the Chitimukukulu back to his palace.

The Bashilubemba said the palace was still under renovation and that as soon as the royal home was ready for occupation, the Chitimukulu would be allowed to move. The Bashilubemba called for calm and unity in the Bemba chiefdom stating that it was because of the peace and unity among the subjects that the chiefdom had remained stable.

A check by the Daily Nation at Chitimukulu palace in Kasama, revealed that renovations were underway and the Chitimukulu was expected back on Monday this week. And Chief Chitimukulu said Zambia was lagging behind in development because people with wrong leadership credentials were elected into leadership.

He said the people of Zambia were in dire need of development and therefore it was critical that focussed and credible leaders were elected.

“The problem we have is that we put the wrong people in leadership that is why we are still facing a lot challenges, “Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said.

Meanwhile, the royalists were happy that the traditional leader was now free after the platoon of  police officers stationed at the palace were withdrawn.

Late Chitampakwa Mutale Chititimukulu’s grandson Mulenga Kombe said it was sad that the father of the Bembas was subjected to torture, humiliation, harassment and ridicule at the hands of the PF government.

Mr Kombe advised policians to stop harassing chiefs who were the custodians of traditional norms and culture and respect their succession processes.

He said whoever would be elected president in the January presidential election should ensure that Chitimukulu was respected just like any other chief in Zambia.

“lt is the same chief these policians are following to solicit for votes but once they are elected and have power, they forget about him and this is not fair,” he said.

The late President Michael Sata degazzeted the Chief Chitimukulu and was forced to abandon his palace in fear of torture from government.