GBM lauds RB


KASAMA Central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has urged the people of Kasama to vote for former president Rupiah Banda if they so wish.

And Mr Mwamba has advised Patriotic Front not to underrate the opposition political parties because they are capable of surprising the ruling party.

Mr Mwamba who is popularly known as GBM said the people of Zambia must realise that Mr. Banda ruled the nation in peace and unity hence the need to accord him respect and recognition.

Mr. Mwamba said this when he addressed Mr Banda’s supporters at the junction of Malole where he found Mr. Banda addressing cadres and marketeers.

“Let’s not destroy this country because of being selfish. We need to respect president Banda. He ruled this country in peace. Hence no one should stop you from voting for him. You can choose to vote for him or the PF,” said Mr. Mwamba.

He said Mr. Banda laid a good foundation for the country and therefore people should realise the important role he has played in the nation.

Mr. Mwamba said this was not time for political fights.

“Look here, we don’t fight in politics.  Twalitemwana so nangula imwe bombeleni chapamo naifwe.  Ngamulefwaya kuti mwa votela Ba Rupiah Banda nangula PF (We like each other, so even you people should work together. If you want, you can vote for Mr Banda or PF),” said Mr. Mwamba before he walked back to his car and proceeded to visit paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

And Mr Mwamba said if the ruling PF wanted to remain strong, it should respect other people’s views.

Mr Mwamba said the mistake some politicians made was underatting their opponents which does not augur well for leadership.

And Mr. Banda expressed joy over the remarks of unity, peace and stability Mr. Mwamba made saying the people of Zambia were one. He said there was no need to segregate but build on the peace and unity the forefathers sustained.

Mr. Banda appealed to the people of Malole to give him chance to lead the nation again next month.

He said poverty in rural Zambia was the greatest enemy which his leadership would want to deal with.

Mr. Banda said his dream for a better Zambia could only be realised if an experienced and tested leadership was put in place.

He said his comeback should not be perceived as a way of revenge for those persecuting him but that his preoccupation would be unity, peace and stability.

Earlier president Banda met Bashilubemba in Mungwi at a place called pa Musakuta at Kanyanta Village. Mr. Banda said when he forms government again he would recognise Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu.  He said it was sad that the PF government was  fighting the traditional leadership, adding that this focus of the PF was misplaced.

“I was privileged to have signed the papers as acting president then of the recognition of senior chief Mwamba but it’s sad that our friends have punished his majesty,” said Mr Banda.

Mr. Banda was shocked that Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was subjected to inhumane treatment by making him spend over a year in a grass thatched house which was only replaced with a tent two weeks ago.