Inhuman, condescending conduct

WE have taken issue with Vice President Dr. Guy Scott in the hope that the party that has sponsored him in office will take action to ensure that he is disciplined for sanity and order to prevail in national politics.

There is tremendous anger and indignation in the country over his conduct and any attempt to pepper over it will be an exercise in futility.

We have no partisan political interest but share in the collective indignation that has been generated by Dr. Scott’s conduct which shows that he has very little regard for the Zambian people for whom he is now serving as Vice President.

A case in point was his decision to send 5000 plus Patriotic Front delegates to the Mulungushi rock of Authority for a Congress when he was fully aware that the facility had been closed due to a critical water shortage.

Prior to the conference we run a number of stories indicating that the Mulungushi University which hosts the Rock of Authority had no water and as a result the institution had been closed prematurely while efforts were being made to resolve the problem.

 It is to this institution which ordinarily accommodates 2,000 students that Dr. Scott was sending 5,000 plus delegates, meaning that  men and women were  forced to relieve themselves in the most degrading manner possible.

This was inhuman.

As a newspaper we found this not only irresponsible but also totally unconscionable. It showed a serious disrespect and disregard for the delegates. To add insult to injury Dr. Scott did not himself set foot at the site, ostensibly because he was afraid of being humiliated by the assembly that was in excess of 8,000 people.

These people were made to wait for him for three days subsisting in those unbearable and inhuman conditions.  This was an insult to all Zambians regardless of party affiliation.

It is an insult because Dr. Scott is enjoying powers of office because of the voters that the ordinary Zambians, galvanized by the political party leadership gave to him to become a member of Parliament. Without their support he would not be Vice President.

If this was in Scotland, would the Central Committee and delegates to the highest decision making body be treated in the same way? Certainly not. They would not have accepted to be degraded in that shameful manner.

For a start we doubt whether Dr. Scott would have ridden raphshod or treated fellow Scotsmen with such inconsiderate patronizing disdain as he did with senior members of the party.

It is because of this disregard for the membership that he can continue to pontificate and ride the moral high ground over circumstances that he has created.

It is our hope that the party will awaken to the reality of the situation and take the necessary remedial measures or consign itself to the backbench from which they may never resurrect.