Man refuses to reconcile with wife for fear of charms

A 33-year-old man sued for reconciliation in a local court in Lusaka has said he cannot reconcile with his wife because he fears the charms she uses.

Samuel Chomba, 33, of Chunga compound was testifying in a case in which his wife, Violet Chomba, 30, of Chazanga compound sued him for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2011 after paying dowry and they have three children.

Violet told Senior Presiding Magistrate Martha Tembo sitting at Matero Local Court that the problems started in September 2014 while she was pregnant.

This was when Samuel told Violet that he wanted to bring back his first wife so that they could live a polygamous marriage.

Violet explained that later Samuel shifted and started sleeping in the sitting room and that she did not know where he took his clothes.

“I went to my parents when Samuel refused to take me and I gave birth to twins. Later, I went to Samuel’s parents where I now stay,” said Violet.

In his defence, Samuel said although he had informed Violet that he had two children from the previous marriage, he was surprised that his new wife started mistreating them.

He explained that when Violet had a stomach problem, he advised her to go for scanning but instead she went to Kasama to get charms.

Samuel added that Violet used to send his child to go and throw waste matter.

“Violet was also sending my daughter to throw the sputum of her  brother who was suffering from TB. I decided to bring back my first wife so that she takes care of my children but Violet refused polygamous marriage,” said Samuel.

In submission, Violet said she still loved Samuel and that she did not refuse a polygamous marriage.

Samuel said he stopped sleeping in the bedroom because Violet was always allowing her younger brother to bath from there.

He said he cannot reconcile with Violet because he fears charms.

Passing judgment Senior Presiding Magistrate Martha Tembo said it was not a solution for Samuel to bring back his first wife because he was simply creating more problems.

She said the children were not a problem but he was supposed to counsel Violet to change.

Magistrate Tembo wondered how many women Samuel would marry.

She said since reconciliation had failed, it was up to one of them to sue the other for divorce since Chomba refused to reconcile.