‘PF vision will not die’

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu has charged that people maliciously accusing him of having no vision should know that as leader of the ruling party, he would ensure that the vision and legacy of the former president were protected.

He said his desire was to ensure that the vision president Sata carried for the poor was not abandoned.

Mr Lungu pledged to work for the poor so that that every Zambian could have access to basic needs.

Mr Lungu also promised Zambians that street vending would continue by engaging local authorities to plan how best to control vendors in order to safeguard the lives of traders.

He asked Mongu residents to vote for him so that the vision of President Michael Sata of massive economic infrastructure development should not be halted on account of changing government.

“We will not support homosexuality. I will not compromise human nature because of money. God made man and woman. A certain newspaper attacks me because they support gay rights. There is one small editor of one small newspaper who thinks he can overrule the will of the people,” he said. And the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has blessed Mr Lungu and implored him to do his best ahead of the presidential race slated for 20th January 2014.

Induna Imate who welcomed the entourage of Mr Lungu with other indunas gave blessings from His Majesty Lubosi  Imwiko the King of Barosetland.

“The Kuta can only ask you to prove yourself and that you have a soul for the presidency. Do not forget about other contenders in the presidential race.  We have given you our blessings,” Induna Imate said. He said the Litungu was ready to dialogue on the development of Western Province and encouraged Mr Lungu to be prayerful during this period of campaigns.

And Mr Lungu yesterday arrived in Mongu to a thunderous welcome by PF supporters and pledged to remain open and engage BRE in dialogue to uplift the living standards of Western Province.

He said  if given a vote, he would ensure  the region received the best development agenda.