RB pledges to deliver Constitution

MOVEMENT for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) presidential candidate Rupiah Banda has promised to deliver a new Constitution and to restore order to the economy should Zambians vote for him in the coming presidential election.

Greeted by a boisterous crowd of cheering supporters, Banda said that if elected, he would be a president for all Zambians – serving those who would vote for him as well as those who would not.

“I am a transitional leader, and I am promising you, the people of Mpulungu, that I will work hard during the coming two years to ensure that your farming inputs are delivered by 1st of August so that you are prepared for the farming season.” Speaking before the assembled crowd of supporters, Banda pointed to his past record of success managing the economy and political stability.

“You will recall that mealie meal during my time was K35 per 25-kilo bag, and now it is more than K70 per bag. I will ensure that I stabilize the agricultural system and this will at last bring down the price of mealie meal,” he said. The former president continued: “I have done it before, and I can do it again. We stabilized the price of fuel and made the price uniform across the whole country, but now, the price at the pump has more than doubled. We will work hard to bring down the fuel prices to acceptable levels like it was before we lost the last election.”

Mr Banda said that if elected he would not allow any persecution or harassment of opponents, but would only be focused on delivering unity and the new Constitution.

“It is my promise that I will deliver a new Constitution that improves our democracy and holds leaders accountable,” Banda said, “one that features 50+1, requirements for running mates, and dual citizenship. With a new Constitution, we can successfully and safely deliver the country into the hands of a younger leader.” And Kasama PF Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has said he is ready to meet all the political party leaders visiting his constueuncy and revealed that he will this week endorse a presidential candidate of his choice after consultations.Mr Mwamba said those who were wasting their time spreading rumours that he had endorsed anyone were getting it wrong.

He said all the candidates vying for the presidency were welcome and that he had no intention of hating anyone.

Mr Mwamba, who was in his constituency to deliver his gratuity to his people, yesterday met with UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and the two attended church service together at St Johns cathedral.

“Let me be clear to state that l am here in my constituency to visit my people and whoever comes in my area to visit is my obligation to receive them. On Saturday I was glad to meet the former head of state and also l met with UPND president HH including all the candidates who are to visit my area such as FDD, Chipimo and many more,”Mr Mwamba said.