Sata anointed Edgar Lungu, says Kalaba

FOREIGN Affairs minister Harry Kalaba has revealed that late President Michael Sata anointed Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu as his successor appointing him to perform the functions of the Office of President when he travelled to London for medical check-up.

And Julius Komaki has demanded the immediate expulsion of Vice-President Guy Scott from the party because his actions had become inimical to the unity and wellbeing of the PF.

Mr Kalaba said President Sata had refused to travel to London for medical check-up unless Mr Lungu, who was at the time in Angola, was called back so that he could be handed the instruments of power to perform the functions of the Office of President while the head of State was away.

Mr Kalaba said Mr Lungu was President Sata’s disciple and that was why he (Lungu) was left with the responsibility of Acting President.

Mr Kalaba said the PF was not going to enagage in unproductive verbal fights with some sections of the media because Zambians were seeing through the malice and slander.

Mr Kalaba said a named media house had embarked on a hate and slander campaign against Mr Lungu because their preferred candidates for the presidency had been rejected by Zambians.

He said it was not surprising that some newspaers were determined to undermine the ruling party because their schemes to hijack the leadership of the PF had fallen flat on their faces.

Mr Kalaba said the Mongu rally on Saturday was one of the grand successes and it was those who were saying it was flop were hurting because they had realised that Mr Lungu was unstopable as the entire country was supporting him.

He said the Mongu rally was well attended and that the results of the popularity of would only be known after the January presidential election.

Mr Kalaba said the PF would not be discouraged by the malice being peddled by some newspapers, adding that the PF was as popular as it was during the reign of late President Michael Sata.

“For us as the PF, it will be difficult to impress some media houses that have declared war against the PF and our presidential candidate. And we have no intentions to impress and please such media houses because their agenda is well known. The Mongu rally was one of the grand successes and we are not woried about the propaganda against Mr Lungu and the PF. The popularity of Mr Lungu will be revealed after the January 20 presidential election. It is whishfull thinking to imagine that the PF is going to lose the presidential election and they will be watching with envy as Mr Lungu will be going to State House,” Mr Kalaba said.

And Mr Komaki has given Dr Scott a 24 hours ultimatum to leave the PF and join the people he was supporting because it was evident that he was working at making sure the ruling party lost the January presidential election.

Mr Komaki said PF youths were aware that a group of disgruntled individuals had formed a political party which he said would be unveiled tomorrow.

Mr Komaki said Dr Scott was causing a lot of confusion in the party and that his refusal to join Mr Lungu in his campaign trail was testmony that the Acting President was not with the party.

He said it was shocking that Dr Scott had turned against the party that had made it possible for him to be given the rare privilege of acting as Republican President,

“We are aware that a new party has been formed and it will be unveiled on Tuesday (tomorrow) and we advise that Dr Scott should be expelled immediately so that he can go and join his freinds. We are giving him a 24-hour ultimatum to leave the party or we shall take our kawawawa to his farm. Let him not underrate us because we are capable of doing that,” Mr Komaki said.

Mr Komaki said the PF has had four rallies and Dr Scott as a senior member of the party has shunned all the public political meetings and should therefore be chased from the ruling party.