Women breakingnew barriers in Church,politics

THE current trends in which women are taking up leadership positions will continue to challenge them to even greater heights in politics and in religious circles, says Council of Churches of Zambia Reverend Suzanne Matale.

Rev Matale said today’s world had developed a different perspective when looking at women and have provided opportunities in men’s dominated spheres including church leadership.

She said women in the church have broken ranks and were now holding such senior positions as bishops and reverends down to the community level.

“Women in church are breaking the glass ceiling by participating at high levels of the church hierarchy from bishops, general secretaries, and through to female clergy and to the grassroots. We are moving slowly, a trend that will not reverse and will not go back,” Rev Matale said. She said there was however need for concerted efforts in encouraging young girls to work hard and contribute to the developments taking place in the church.

Rev Matale further explained that the word of God had released women from the position that culture had prescribed for them.

“Look at the word of God, the history and cultures where Christ himself is seen to be affirming women. He is always lifting them from where culture had held them,” she said.

The reverend said even before Jesus was born, the Bible named women like Debora among the judges, a position equivalent to a president and even won the nation a war.

She sad this was being manifested with so many women participating in national development from universities and high level politics where they have made a mark.

“What is important now is to work at women visibility on issues of development, and for them to be where it matters most, at the time it matters. We are not demanding to compete with the menfolk, but rather to be engaged to walk side by side as partners,” he said.