‘Scott must resign from PF’

Acting President Guy Scott should resign from the Patriotic Front to give effect to his antagonistic stance and differences with party president Edgar Lungu.

“Dr Scott has put it clearly that he does not support Edgar Lungu and the manner in which he (Lungu) rose to party presidency, which should be reason enough for him to resign,” Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali said.

“If indeed his conscience tells him there is something wrong with Lungu’s presidency, he should just resign,” Mr Tayali said.

Mr Tayali has challenged the Acting President to quit from the ruling PF in order to maintain his position as a man of truth and one who lives by his words.

He explained that democracy was “dictatorship of numbers” where the majority ruled, but that it was not obligatory to support or agree with them and if indeed Dr Scott did not agree with the Lungu movement, he should quit.

Mr Tayali said Dr Scott’s recent behaviour towards Mr Lungu and his continued absence from the on-going campaigns leading to the January 20, 2015 elections were evidence of his disapproval of the ruling PF’s policies.

“In the interest of politics and of democracy, let him just step aside especially that he does not even agree with the current goings on in the party. He is in politics and he should understand that politics is about numbers, and that is what democracy is,” Mr Chilufya said.

He said if Dr Scott’s forthrightness was anything to go by, it should be enough for him to resign, and maintain that title for himself.

One thought on “‘Scott must resign from PF’

  1. Dr Scott is now manifesting innexperience in the president’s office. Those are matters were the president should not intervain because that destroys the independence of the three arms of Govt (judgiciary, exercutive & parliament). As a citizen i am just wonderying wthether his advisors have a legal and social mind. I wonder what capacity Dr Scott was acting on to write to the chief justice. Where was the SG fot PF? Why is Scott so scared of Edgar becoming a national presindent? Scott/Miles camp don’t they think they are busy campaigning for Edgar with such desparate moves? Us Zambians We watching……asking why,why,why????

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