The Lungu, Sampa tiff

That Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa will be heard in the High Court over his demand to be joined to a consent judgment entered into between Patriotic Front president Edgar Lungu and the party’s secretary general Davis Chama, is commendable.

Mr Sampa who was a PF presidential candidate yesterday won a Supreme Court ruling which directed that the High Court should hear him as one who had an interest in the ruling party’s presidency.

The controversy over what is happening in the PF arose from the holding of two parallel general conferences; one which elected Edgar Lungu and the other Mr Sampa.

Vice President Guy Scott cannot escape having caused the mess that the PF members find themselves in and should be held responsible for the negative outcome.

We say negative outcome because while the court can be a good arbiter, it is not a political grouping to guarantee a political solution.

While the PF will be in court to resolve political problems, other political parties are in the field trying to garner support in next month’s presidential elections.

But as we have said, Dr Scott has a lot to do with the problems in the ruling party.

Dr Scott had originally called for a general conference for November 29 and 30 which he never attended but preferred the December 1 general conference.

This December 1 general conference which elected Mr Sampa was met with an injunction but the convener, Dr Scott went ahead to conduct business, thereby electing Mr Sampa.

Since the Matero parliamentarian has an interest in the PF presidency, this is what made him to go to court.

Our courts of law may have so many shortcomings which lead to delays in the dispensation of justice but they have never failed to mediate in legal disputes, to come up with logical conclusions.

We can cite so many cases that have passed through our courts of law which have been controversial but have had positive conclusions.

Many years back when former President Kenneth Kaunda was declared a non-Zambian and was due for deportation, the courts were there to restore his citizenship.

President Frederick Chiluba (late) was also another victim of the court of public opinion which found him liable of having public funds misapplied in London, but back home he was vindicated when charges failed to hold in a criminal matter.

We hope that this matter which Mr Sampa wants sorted out in court will be dealt with expeditiously so that the work of political parties can begin.

The PF should know that only a political solution guarantees them political space in the fight for political office.

Otherwise, Mr Sampa should be heard as every aggrieved person has the right to be heard.