Expel Scott

THE disregard with which Dr. Scott is treating Zambians is an insult to all well-meaning Zambians.

First of all Dr. Scott has no right to write to the Chief Justice on a matter that is subsisting before the courts. This is interfering with the Judiciary and ordinarily will amount to contempt of court.

Secondly; as Acting Vice President and therefore custodian of the Zambian Constitution, he should be aware that the Electoral Commission of Zambia is an independent institution presided over by a Judge, who is obviously knowledgeable about the law and has already guided on this matter.

Thirdly and most importantly, as Vice President Dr. Scott cannot unilaterally decide to block his party president from filing his nomination without referring the matter to the Central Committee which leads the party in between conferences.

This is an act of gross indiscipline against which the party must take the most punitive action possible.

Cabinet must therefore act quickly to arrest the drift and possible crisis the country will face when the deadline for the January presidential elections is breached. The danger is real and present.  It will be ignored at the country’s peril. 

We do not see the current court cases being concluded in time for the nomination deadline set by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. Cabinet must take control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

Matters should not be left in the hands of Dr. Guy Scott who has failed to inspire confidence by his spectacular lack of concern for collegial management which is important in good governance.

It is a pity the Patriotic Front seems impervious to reason with regard to Guy Scott.

We have told them before and repeated many times that President Michael Sata was not wrong in sidelining Guy Scott. He knew why he never left him with instruments of power.

We are learning the hardest way possible.

This is no longer a partisan issue. It is a national issue because the ramifications of Dr. Scott’s conduct will have far-reaching effect which may even imperil the holding of election as set out by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

It is not too late; something can still be done to save the country from uncalled for conflict and tension that Dr. Guy Scott is generating.

We have said before and would like to repeat that the patronizing and condescending attitude displayed by Dr. Scott smacks of a superiority complex which assumes that Zambians regardless of their position are not equal to or better than him.

In other words the Chief Justice, Chairman of the Electoral Commission and even the Central Committee of the ruling party must do his bidding. We wonder why.

He cares little that the 8,000 Zambians he consigned to the health hazard of the Mulungushi Rock of Authority made a decision. He would rather his decision, preference and liking carried the day. We wonder why.

The greatest tragedy is that time is ticking. The Constitution has very specific provisions with regard to the time frame that is accorded to the exercise of electing a new President. As the situation stands the deadline is already in danger of being breached because of the difficulties that Guy Scott has conjured.

We saw Dr. Scott singularly arrange the funeral of the later President Michael Sata, we saw how he was able to source money and put diabolical logistics to send delegates to Mulungushi, he will not think twice to sideline and ignore the rest of the country.



One thought on “Expel Scott

  1. The confusion serves Zambia right for disregard to upholding rule of law and placing too much poer in the executive arm of governance! Why would Scott who is interim president (de facto head of state) not give instruction to chief justice who is an appointee of the president? Think Zambia think! All this circus has been brought about by all those that have been in corridors of leadership and governance for being timid thinking with their hearts, selfish and embracing voluntary ignorance to rule of law!

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