Kabimba slams panga violence

ZAMBIA cannot continue to be governed by violence and intolerance and citizens are tired of political parties that exist in individual’s pockets and kitchens, former Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general and Justice minister Wynter Kabimba has said.

And former Lusaka Central Silwiza Ward chairman Tresford Mutele told Mr Kabimba that Vice-President Guy Scott was a member of the Rainbow Party and that he had only been given time to see through the transition period in which the country is expected  to elected a new president after the death of President Michael Sata.

Mr Kabimba has condemned the machete and panga violence that characterized the ruling party at the height of the PF intra-party violence when he was secretary general of the ruling party and declared that Zambians did not need to be subjected to violence and intolerance.

He declared that time had come for a new revolution of politics that would respect divergent views, human rights and promote unity, peace and harmony.

Unveiling his new political party, the Rainbow Party (RP) at Mulungushi International Conference Centre yesterday, Mr Kabimba said there had been what he termed political decay in the country in the last three years and that he was compelled to form his own political party because of what was happening in the PF and other political parties. He said it was a scandal for Zambia to have entered the Jubilee year with high levels of intolerance, poverty at 60 percent, high unemployment and economic malaise when the country was endowed with abundant natural resources.

Mr Kabimba took time to preach peace, unity and harmony pledging that the Rainbow Party would ensure the culture of pangas and violence was not tolerated but that discipline was going to be the axis of the growth of the party.

He charged that the current political leadership in Zambia and across Africa had become an enemy of the people they were governing and that he had left the ruling party to chart a new revolution in the manner politics were conducted.

In direct reference to the PF, founded by President Sata and under which he was secretary general and Justice minister apart from being a disciple, Mr Kabimba said: “We are tired of political parties that exist in individuals’ pockets and kitchens. I have never seen a political party that boasts of pangas and violence. Political parties are not secret ballots and time has come to say “no” to political decay. The era of pangas must end with the new revolution of politics of service.”

Mr Kabimba said Zambians did not want to belong to political parties that belonged to individuals whose leadership was regionally and ethnically inclined and devoid of ideological direction.

“The common features of the existing political parties are that they serve only as vehicles for capturing State power in order to foster a parasitic agenda of the elite in the country. The political party we are announcing today is owned by yourselves, the people of Zambia,” Mr Kabimba said.

He explained that Zambia had since independence attempted to achieve high economic growth in order to eradicate poverty and inequality amongst citizens but that it was saddening that 50 years down the lIne, 60 percent of Zambians were living in abject poverty and squalor.

Mr Kabimba said the levels of inequality in Zambia were alarming with the lowest 10 percent socio-economic groups consuming a bare 1.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product while the top 10 percent of the elite took up a large 47 percent.

“These disparities are unacceptable and pose a risk to our country. We would like Zambia benefit from the current global economic boom in commodity prices and increase direct foreign investment.

None of the current political parties has the leadership with the capacity and appropriate ideological understanding to effectively tackle these fundamentals,” Mr Kabimba said.

Mr Kabimba was flanked by Kitwe Anglican priest Fr Richard Luonde, Reverend Mwebela of Kabwe, former PF Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe, former Chawama constituency chairman Robert Chikwelete and former PF Lusaka district chairman Goodson Banda.