Cabinet revolts against Scott

FOURTEEN Cabinet ministers have passed a vote of no confidence against Acting President Guy Scott and have branded him a danger to the peace, unity and security of the country who should immediately resign.

And the ruling party has instituted disciplinary proceedings against Dr Scott who has been charged with gross indiscipline and bringing the party into ridicule and disrepute.

The 14 Cabinet ministers have charged that Dr Scott’s actions since becoming the Acting President had the potential to stoke instability in a nation that had been anchored on peace and profound human fellowship.

But Dr Scott has threatened the 14 Cabinet ministers who are demanding for his immediate resignation with treason and has vowed that he will not resign because, according him, there was no constitutional provision to demand for his resignation.

Dr Scott has instead charged that the demands by the Cabinet ministers were an attempt to blackmail him and that the meeting the ministers held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was illegal and constituted a serious treasonous act because he did not sanction it.

The Acting President accused the ministers of blackmailing him so that he could allegedly allow the illegal use of Government resources for partisan interests.

But the ministers, in a statement read by Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba, have directed Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska and the Attorney General Musa Mwenye to immediately convene an urgent Cabinet meeting with the sole agenda of considering recalling Dr Scott as Acting President and replace him with any other Cabinet minister.

Mr Kalaba said Cabinet had noted with deep concern that Dr Scott had persistently worked against the interests of the party that sponsored him as Member of Parliament and allowed him to be Vice-President of the country and subsequently Acting President.

Mr Kalaba said it had become clear that the confidence and trust reposed in Dr Scott by Cabinet was totally misplaced as he had started abusing the very trust and confidence repeatedly without remorse and care for the insecurity of the country.

“We have noted with deep concern that since Dr Scott became the Acting President, he has carried out duties without regard to the law, to the principles of collective responsibility and without consultation with his Cabinet colleagues as is expected in such a transition. As Cabinet ministers, we have decided to express a clear vote of no confidence in Dr Scott’s leadership and his ability to carry out the remaining duration of the transition. We urge Dr Scott to immediately resign from his position as Acting President on moral grounds,” Mr Kalaba said.

Mr Kalaba stated that by virtue of the decision to demand for the resignation of Dr Scott, the ministers have informed the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front (PF) of the vote of no confidence against the Acting President.

He said Dr Scott had taken numerous actions that had endangered the peace, unity and security of the country.

Mr Kalaba said Dr Scott had persistently taken advice from known private individuals while disregarding established institutions and bodies such as Cabinet.

“With hindsight, it has become apparently clear that it is for good reason that President Michael Sata never gave Dr Scott an opportunity to act as President.

Because of the above matters, the ministers unreservedly take responsibility and tender their apologies to the nation for selecting and affirming that Dr Scott should act as President,” Mr Kalaba said.

But Dr Scott, in a statement, has vowed that he was not going to resign because the rule of law must be respected by all well-meaning Zambians to maintain the country’s legacy as the torch-bearer of democracy in Africa.

“Let me note that any Cabinet meeting can only be called by myself through the Secretary to Cabinet, and can only be chaired by the President or the Vice-President. Any other meeting purporting to be Cabinet meeting constitutes serious treason.

I am aware that some individual members of the Cabinet have called upon me to tender by resignation.

Let me emphasize that I am not going to resign because there is no provision in the Constitution for such a demand,” Dr Scott said.

He said during the 90 days transition period, he was as Acting President going to follow the Constitution of Zambia and ensure a peaceful, legal, transparent and constitutional presidential election.