Sampa must come clean-Wina

MILES Sampa was not elected as Patriotic Front (PF) president, the returning officer of the“illegal second” PF general conference Jermano Kaulungombe has  said, and has now applied to join the proceedings in which the High Court has been asked to stay proceedings challenging the election of Edgar Lungu as the ruling party president.

And PF chairperson Inonge Wina has asked the Lusaka High Court to  stay proceedings in the matter in which Mr Sampa and two others are seeking to be joined to the consent judgment which declared Mr Lungu as PF president because they are facing contempt of court charges.

The other two intending interveners are Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba and former diplomat Captain Seleman Phungula Banda. Ms Wina said she sought the court indulgence that the interveners should not be allowed to seek any redress from the court pending determination of the contempt of court proceedings.

This is according to an affidavit in support of inter-parte summons to stay proceedings filed in the High Court yesterday by Ms Wina’s lawyers Tresford Chali and Wellington Mosha.

She said the record showed that none of the contemnors had purged their contempt, therefore as guided by the law, they should not be heard relating to the matter until the contempt proceedings were determined. Ms Wina said the Supreme Court judgment delivered on December 15, 2014 was to the effect that Mr Sampa, Mr Mwamba and Capt Banda should be heard in the High Court on the application to be joined as party to this action.

And Mr Kaulung’ombe said he decided to go to court to assist it with facts and information which might help in concluding the matter. He said in an affidavit verifying facts yesterday that he had no interest in the PF presidency nor hold any grudge against Mr Sampa, Mr Mwamba and Capt Banda but to assist the court arrive at a decision that would not be abstract to proceedings and devoid of substance. “Following media reports that alluded to competing claims before courts over the legitimacy of the convention held in Kabwe on the 1st December 2014, over which I was a returning officer, I did conduct a search at the High Court of Zambia on the 17th December, 2014 to establish what the source of the conflict was and whether it would be of relevance to this court to file in this affidavit as a returning officer of the 1st December 2014 Patriotic Front meeting in order to assist the court in its deliberation,” he said.

Mr Kaulung’ombe said as the returning officer for the parallel general conference, he has denied that there was a duly constituted general conference that elected Mr Sampa as PF president.