Street lights cheer Garden residents

Garden compound residents have been cheered by the installation of street lights along the Garden /Manchinchi road which they hope will help reduce the high crime levels in the area.

One of the residents, Rabson Msoni said the initiative was long overdue because the residential area was close to the Lusaka central business district.

Mr Msoni said the street lighting not only helped reduce crime levels in the area, but also contributed to the beauty of Garden compound.

“This is not only for security purposes, but also to make our area look beautiful.

‘‘It is actually long overdue that Garden compound gets street lights because we are located so close to town, hence the need to look like a town,” he said.

He however bemoaned the absence of speed limiters on the newly refurbished roads where speeding motorists risked knocking down the street light poles in road accidents.

“We hope the council can quickly put up speed humps to help control over-speeding motorists on the newly refurbished roads in the community.

Just recently there was an accident involving a structure on the side of the main road after the driver lost control due to over-speeding and went over the drainage before he hit the building,” he said.

He said there was need to plan for road humps to protect the poles against over-speeding vehicles.

Mr Msoni also called on the residents to protect the street lights against vandalism because they were public property and meant to provide security to the people.

He said the street lighting project must be supported by all Garden compound residents so that it can be extended to the rest of the compound and beyond.

He has also appealed to the authorities to extend the project to other parts of the constituency to help light up the area.

Garden compound has received its share of development with the installation of street lights on the newly rehabilitated roads in the area.