White man’s burden

IT WAS too ambitious for a Cabinet of black men and women to expect a principled resignation from Dr. Guy Scott.

He carries the white man’s burden.

What are 14 ministers when he could send 5000 delegates to Mulungushi Rock of Authority which had no water, forcing them to relieve themselves in the bush?

 The Cabinet should have known better. We have told them as much before. We have written about the patronizing and condescending attitude that we have witnessed.

Rudyard Kipling, a white poet has said that it is the duty of white colonizers to care for nonwhite indigenous subjects in their colonial possessions. In other words it is the duty of the White race to bring education and western culture to the non-white inhabitants of their colonies.

The white man must maintain standards, obey the law and protect resources from unscrupulous black hands which may want to use them for partisan political campaigns.

That is why  he was able to say “I will not be blackmailed to allow the illegal use of Government resources for partisan interests. I will abide by the law.”

In theUnited States it has been said that … unseating an incumbent president, senator or other figure during a primary election is very difficult and even in the general election, incumbents have a very strong record.

Dr. Scott in his wisdom wants to deliver an open election in which the ruling party has no advantage of incumbency. Is this for a genuine reason? Only time will tell.

Time will tell if Malcom X was wrong when he said “I’ve never seen a sincere white man, not when it comes to helping black people. Usually things like this are done by white people to benefit themselves. The white man’s primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of black people, or to waken black people, or white people either. The white man is interested in the black man only to the extent that the black man is of use to him. The white man’s interest is to make money, to exploit.”

Then he added on:

“I am not a racist…. In the past I permitted myself to be used…to make sweeping indictments of all white people, the entire white race and these generalizations have caused injuries to some whites who perhaps did not deserve to be hurt.

Because of the spiritual enlightenment which I was blessed to receive as a result of my recent pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca, I no longer subscribe to sweeping indictments of any one race. I am now striving to live the life of a true…Muslim. I must repeat that I am not a racist nor do I subscribe to the tenants of racism.

I can state in all sincerity that I wish nothing but freedom, justice and equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people.”

Another writer Franz Fanon in ‘‘the Wretched of the Earth’’ has said “In the colonial context the settler only ends his work of breaking in the native when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man’s values.”

He added that “ colonialism only loosens its hold when the knife is at its throat.”

In his other book Black skin, White masks Fanon also indicts those black men who cannot see beyond their naïve pretensions when he says”As I begin to recognise that the Negro is the symbol of sin, I catch myself hating the Negro. But then I recognise that I am a Negro. There are two ways out of this conflict. Either I ask others to pay no attention to my skin, or else I want them to be aware of it. I try then to find value for what is bad–since I have unthinkingly conceded that the black man is the colour of evil. In order to terminate this neurotic situation, in which I am compelled to choose an unhealthy, conflictual solution, fed on fantasies, hostile, inhuman in short, I have only one solution: to rise above this absurd drama that others have staged around me, to reject the two terms that are equally unacceptable, and through one human being, to reach out for the universal.

‘’When the Negro dives–in other words, goes under–something remarkable occurs.”