Lungu, Scott truce


TOO many things have happened in the Patriotic Front (PF) since the demise of President Michael Sata.

While the body of late president Sata was lying in State and soon after PF president Edgar Lungu graciously handed the instruments of power to Acting President Guy Scott, he (Lungu) was instantaneously fired by the Acting President.

That was the beginning of a politically strenuous war of words between Dr Scott and Mr Lungu leaving the ruling party deeply divided while the peace and stability of the country was compromised.

The country and PF members have been subjected to a series of legal actions within the ruling with one injunction and counter injunction after the party held two general conference at which two PF leaders emerged.

Yesterday, Dr Scott and Mr Lungu held hands, hugged and announced they had buried their, differences and had reconciled. 

We hope the reconciliation that we witnessed yesterday between Dr Scott and Mr Lungu is not just a side show but an initial effort to heal political wounds in the ruling party.

This is because reconciliation is a very difficult process to achieve particularly in the political arena.

In most cases, bad memories of what transpired during the period of antagonism prevent people from whole heartedly reconciling.

Since reconciliation is a difficult process, the PF should borrow the old legal doctrine of ‘Justice must not only be done, but be seen to be done’.

According to the legal brains, this doctrine is explained as follows;

“It is not only necessary that legal judgments are fair and equitable: it is necessary that they must be publicly recognised as such”.

In the case of reconciliation in the PF, it should not just be witnessed but also seen and felt manifesting in the members of ruling party.

The reconciliation that PF members witnessed yesterday should trickle down to the general membership.

The PF has for some  time now been a divided party and any cosmetic approach cannot achieve the desired results of reconciliation.

So many words were used during the period of antagonism. In fact, unpleasant words were exchanged between the warring factions.

While people say ‘actions speak louder than words’, it is the unpalatable words which cut through people’s hearts when they are uttered.

So there are so many PF members who will welcome the reconciliation who however will continue remembering the unpleasant words against them.

To heal the wounds in the PF, there should be practical measures put in place to kick start a process of reconciliation.

All members of the PF should employ practical measures to achieve the so much desired reconciliation otherwise yesterday events will just be an illusion.