MPs ditch Nevers Mumba

SEVERAL MMD members of Parliament (MPs) have abandoned their party president Nevers Mumba and opted to support UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in next month’s presidential election

The parliamentarians said they decided to support Mr Hichilema because the idea of forming an alliance with UPND started under the leadership of Dr Mumba.

Among the latest members of Parliament to support Mr Hichilema were Kabinga Pande (Kasempa), Victoria Kalima (Kasenengwa), Sarah Sayifwanda (Zambezi East), Levy Ngoma (Sinda) and Isaac Banda (Lumezi).

Other MMD MPs who have endorsed Mr Hichilema are Brian Chituwo (Mumbwa), Felix Mutati (Lunte), Elijah Muchima (Ikeleng’i) and Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa (Nalikwanda).

The other opposition parliamentarians are Mwambwa Imenda (Luena-Alliance for Democracy and Development) and Patrick Mucheleka (Independent).

Speaking on behalf of other MPs, Kasempa Member of Parliament Kabinga Pande said because of the resolution of the MMD national executive committee (NEC), they have decided to be principled and work with the UPND.

He said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the MPs were convinced and believed that working with UPND they would usher in the leadership that would foster development and national unity.

“We consulted our constituencies and our members across the country with the idea of an alliance with the UPND and the affirmation was resounding. We believe working together will produce a leadership that Zambia needs to move forward.

“So, as resolved by NEC under the guidance of president Nevers Mumba before the issue of the nominations, we shall stay principled and fulfill our promise to work with the UPND to ensure Zambia is liberated and put back on the right path to prosperity,” Mr Pande said.

He said Dr Mumba initiated the idea of an alliance with UPND in the NEC and it was agreed that Zambia needed robust transformation and unity of purpose to ensure that every citizen enjoyed available opportunities such as jobs, quality education, health care and fair distribution of wealth and access to capital.

Mr Pande said as torch-bearers of democracy in Zambia, the MPs allowed and accommodated divergent views within their ranks and that the courts of law were consulted to help them navigate on an issue they could not resolve.

He said the lawmakers reaffirmed their commitment to the people and party members that they should put the interest of the country ahead of individual aspirations.

“We would like to thank the Zambian people for standing by our party as we exercise our intra party democratic rights,” he said.

Mr Pande urged the people to participate in next month’s presidential election and restore Zambia on the path to prosperity, job security and predictable economic policy.

He urged political party cadres to refrain from violent conduct and safeguard peace in order to achieve a rich and prosperous Zambia.

Meanwhile MMD president Nevers Mumba said his mission to contest the presidential elections was not self-driven but was inspired and ordained by God.

Dr Mumba, who was accompanied by his wife Florence, Mwansa Mbulakuma of Chembe and Fostina Sinyangwe and Muchinga Member of Parliament Howard Kunda and other senior party officials, said people fighting him would not succeed.

The MMD leader who is K22 million worth said the battles he has fought in courts with other party members and won were an indication that he was on track.

“Enemies who are fighting us will not succeed because this mission is not Nevers Mumba’s mission. This is God’s mission, so let’s go. The fight begins here now, and we will be back here to be sworn in as sixth president of the Republic of Zambia,” he said

Addressing his supporters after he successfully filed his presidential nomination papers, Dr Mumba said once voted into office next month, he would provide quality leadership based on morality and integrity.

“We stand here to provide a commodity that Zambia has always needed and that has eluded us, the leadership of morality and integrity, the leadership that can be trusted. Zambia today stands broken because of broken promises that have been made by politicians with broken character,” Dr Mumba said.

remain calm and they should not be influenced by beer,” he said.

He called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to take action on the political parties breaching the Electoral Code of Conduct ahead of the by-elections.

“You can imagine that these PF cadres are removing all the UPND posters in Kabwata and this is against the Electoral Code of Conduct,” he said.

Mr Moono said the victims received medication at Chawama clinic, and that the matter had since been reported to Chawama police.