PF cadres harass Kabwata UPND cadres

Some suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres have been accused of harassing people believed to be in support of the opposition UPND in Kabwata constituency.

UPND Kabwata constituency chairman Ackim Moono told the Daily Nation that five UPND members were yesterday attacked by suspected PF cadres in Kamulanga ward.

Mr Moono said the incident happened when the UPND members were conducting door to door campaigns ahead of the presidential by-election.

“Our members have been attacked by these cadres who were heading to the Supreme Court to escort their party president Edgar Lungu file in his nominations, and they found our members in the community wearing our party regalia, and started beating them,” he explained. Mr Moono advised the PF leaders to tame their cadres, saying the PF differences should not affect the entire nation.

“I am appealing to the leaders to practice what they preach if the country is to remain peaceful. We as the UPND, we have tamed our cadres to The students’ movement in Zambia has called on Acting President Guy Scott to declare a day of national reconciliation for the sake of peace and tranquility in the nation.

Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) president Humphrey Mwenya said the day of prayer should be a moment for political parties in the country to come together and seek God’s intervention in national leadership.

Mr Mwenya, who is Copperbelt Students’ Union (COBUSU) president, said political parties in the country must attend the day of prayer which must be held before the presidential elections on January 20 2015 because of the misunderstandings being experienced in the parties.

“We feel that one of the reasons among others as to why we are experiencing these political confusions is that we are not seeking God’s intervention in the way most of us are conducting ourselves.

“This is because the confusion has not only been experienced in the ruling party but also in some opposition political parties. Furthermore, the current state of affairs adversely affects the economy, the education sector, mining, health and agricultural sectors,” he said.

Mr Mwenya said as students, they were concerned with the wrangles in the political arena which could fuel anarchy and take away the spirit of ‘One Zambia One Nation’ and the spirit of togetherness.

The student union leader said the current situation should not be downplayed as insignificant because it had the potential to affect the nation’s economy.

He said the current state of the nation sent a negative picture to the international community and the repercussions could be lethal on the poor Zambians.

Mr Mwenya appealed to the church to help reconcile the nation during this transition period as the country heads to the presidential polls next month.

“As Zambia National Students Union, we appreciate the service rendered by the Acting President Dr Scott as an individual, we also want to acknowledge the contribution to this great nation serving as a minister in various sectors of Government and finally Acting Republican President, it is for this that we strongly appeal to Dr Scott to diligently serve and unite the nation.

“This is not a time for sabotage but duty to unite the nation being a President for all. Zambians, be it UPND, MMD, FDD, NAREP, PF etc,” he said.

The students have since called on all the presidential aspirants to avoid malice, propaganda, and violence but present issue based campaigns as they campaign.