PF youths salute Scott

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) youths yesterday celebrated the reconciliation between Acting President Guy Scott and their leader Edgar Lungu, describing the action between the two as a mark of maturity and leadership.

PF Lusaka district strongman Julius Komaki said Dr Scott should be forgiven for all his political inequities because he had shown that he could listen to voices of the people he was governing.

He said Dr Scott had shamed those who thought they could manipulate him so that he could rebel against the PF, the party under which he was enjoying the privilege of Acting President.

Mr Komaki said the differences between Dr Scott and Mr Lungu had created divisions in the party apart from causing tension in the country and appealed to the party leadership to embrace the Acting President and forget the past.

He said the youths in Lusaka had been looking for peace and harmony in the party and that their denouncing of Dr Scott was based on the love they had for the party.

Yesterday, Dr Scott and Mr Lungu reconciled and pledged to work together for the sake of peace and stability in the ruling party and the nation.

Mr Komaki said the youths in Lusaka had received the news of reconciliation with excitement because the party was getting divided as a result of the succession wrangles that engulfed the ruling party.

“We wish to commend Dr Scott for the step he has taken to reconcile with president Lungu and his pledge to join his campaigns. Guy Scott has been a member of the ruling party for a long time and could not afford to see the party disintegrate because of selfish reasons. This is what true leadership means. Let Dr Scott know that we were not fightingn him but we were protecting the interest of the party,” Mr Komaki said.

He said the youths were humbled by Dr Scott’s move to abandon a group of individuals who were celebrating the confusion in the ruling party and appealed to the youths across the country to accept and respect the reconciliation between Dr Scott and Mr Lungu.

He said the opposition MMD and UPND were taking advantage of the succession wrangles and made political mileage out of the differences the party was having.