Zambia not for sale


“MY Government after the January 20 presidential election will be inclusive and devoid of tribalism and nepotism, Patriotic Front (PF) president Edger Lungu has pledged.

Mr Lungu said once voted into power next month, he would endeavour to form a government whose members would be appointed on merit and not on the basis of relationships.

Mr Lungu said Zambia was not for sale and those who wanted to form government from outside legally recognized institutions were enemies of the country.

Mr Lungu said Zambia would be able to see the best of his leadership after the January 20 presidential election after which he would have been declared the republican president.

Addressing a mammoth rally soon after filing his nomination papers for the January presidential election, Mr Lungu said the ruling party had come out of its turbulent times more united and stronger to win the presidential election.

The filing in of Mr Lungu’s nomination was witnessed by Acting President Guy Scott who until yesterday was opposed to the election of the Defence and Justice minister and his adoption as candidate for the ruling party, as well as several senior PF members. He said the PF had a duty to protect the country, adding that his government would not allow selfish individuals to continue creating confusion so that the country could become ungovernable.

Mr Lungu said the enactment of the new Constitution was his priority and that he would soon after entering State House ensure that Zambians got the new Constitution.

And Dr Scott reaffirmed his pledge to campaign for Mr Lungu so that the PF could continue being in Government.

He told the supporters to rally behind Mr Lungu because he was the only presidential candidate for the ruling party.