Esther back with victory

FORMER Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) champion Esther “Killer Bee” Phiri says she knew that beating Kenyan Boxing Federation (KBF) champion Evelyn Odero would be easy on Saturday evening at Chez-Ntemba in Kabulonga.

Esther, who dominated seven rounds with heavy punches, was also surprised when the Kenyan boxer returned in the second round with a heavy punch-for-punch approach.

“It was a very nice fight and easy at the same time. I had trained very hard for this day and that is why I knew that I would win,” he said.

Evelyn, who accepted defeat and promised to come back for Esther, said Esther was a good boxer. She said she did not underrate Esther because she knew that the Zambian boxer was a strong opponent.

“I will come back for Esther, I am going back to the gym to train more for a rematch,” she said.

Evelyn urged Esther to stop relying on her heavy punches alone but also use lighter punches where necessary.

“In the first round Esther gave me a very heavy punch which might have affected me to lose this fight,” she said.

Evelyn’s coach Daniel Wanyonyi said the fight was as tough as he expected it to be, adding that the day did not favour his boxer.

“In the first round Phiri gave my boxer heavy punches and that affected her so much. It would be nice to come for a rematch but from here we have to start preparing for our next fight in Nairobi,” he said.

Wanyonyi said a rematch would depend on Evelyn’s 2015 schedule, adding that Esther would lose the next bout.

“I am very sure that Phiri will los if we come back for a rematch. We will just need to sharpen some of her (Evelyn) skills,” he said. In the supporting bouts, Sherif Kasongo was declared winner after his Tanzanian opponent Jacob Maganga failed to show up for the fight due to travelling complications as Anossi Temfuma beat Masozi Kamanga from the Copperbelt via a TKO.

Chimanga Bebeki beat Mastro Mbangu in the third round after two minutes and 8 seconds via KO. Joseph Mwewa beat Abia Silupumbwe via TKO after six rounds.

Lina Kasweka defeated Zimbabwean Patience Mastala in a tight fight by a small margin.

Meanwhile, the tournament which was supposed to have started at 14hours was delayed for over four hours due heavy rains and the supporting bouts only started after 18hours.

The ring became wet and slippery after organizers discovered that the marquee tent used to host the fight had a leaking roof.

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