I want to complete Sata’s race-Lungu

“I HAVE taken over the race of late President Michael Sata and I will run it through to the end in pursuing the development agenda set in motion three years ago,” Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu has said.

And Bible Gospel Church in Africa Bishop Peter Ndhlovu said the election of Mr Lungu as PF president and his adoption as the candidate for the presidential election next month was nothing but God’s will.

Mr Lungu said he was aware of the challenges and demands of the office of president and that he was ready to provide leadership so that the vision of President Sata could continue being implemented.

Mr Lungu, who attended a church service at BIGOCA yesterday before going to Kabwe for his campaign rally, has reiterated that he would aggressively follow tax evaders soon after being sworn in as President of Zambia.

He told the congregants that the ruling party was certain of retaining its position in Government because Zambians had appreciated its economic development agenda which was pivoted on the infrastructure development with a view to create employment.

Mr Lungu said he would continue with the programmes of taking care of the poor, vulnerable children and the old because the PF was founded on the ideology of serving the economically and socially marginalized.

Mr Lungu said there were individuals who owed statutory institutions a lot of money in either unpaid loans or unsettled tax obligations and that once he became President, he would ensure that public money was recovered from the said individuals.

The PF president, who is Defence and Justice minister, said Zambia was a Christian nation and that under his leadership, ungodly practices such as homosexuality and lesbianism would not be tolerated.

He said the Church as a guiding light should condemn acts that were unbiblical because they were offensive in the eyes of God and that he would continue to uphold the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. The PF president pledged that he was going to govern the country under the 10 Commandments adding the Church should not wait until those in Government failed to deliver before advising. Mr Lungu said his Government would also ensure that all church equipment such as musical instruments received tax rebates because the church was not a profit-making organization.

And addressing a campaign rally in Kabwe Mr Lungu said he will not resign from his ministerial positions because there is no such provision in the Constitution.

Mr Lungu said he owed his allegiance to the Acting President whom he intends to request for leave during the campaigns.

“There is no provision for me to leave my Cabinet portfolio of Defence and Justice minister. I am still Defence Minister, until I ask for leave from the Acting President to allow me time off,” he said.

There have been calls from various political parties and civil society for Mr Lungu to resign from Cabinet to concentrate on his presidential campaigns.

And Bishop Ndhlovu in his sermon said that Mr Lungu had faced a lot of resistance and opposition from among his own colleagues but God had intervened in his election as the PF president.

Bishop Ndhlovu said no man had the authority to annul what God had chosen and that the opposition Mr Lungu faced on his way to the PF presidency was preparing him for challenges in the future.

“Run the race and finish it. It does not matter who started the race but it is now your obligation to see it through successfully.

When you go through your campaigns, no matter how rough, know God is with you. Never surrender because God has already given us a leader. Never have any grudge against anyone as a leader.

You will listen and hear many things but ignore those that will not build this country,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.