Ignore PF makeshift intra peace deal-UPND


THE UPND in Southern Province has described the PF reconciliation as a “makeshift” scheme meant to deceive Zambians.

And the party has charged that giving the PF another mandate would be a disastrous move which would finish off the already damaged economy.

In an interview with the Daily Nation in Livingstone, UPND provincial secretary Winnerson Ng’uni charged that the reconciliation was a mere act aimed at deceiving Zambians.

Mr Ng’uni said that, as it stands, the misunderstanding, confusion and violence were rife in the PF adding that it would get worse when they lose to the UPND next month.

He said the PF reconciliation was not a sign of unity.

Mr Ng’uni advised the electorate not to waste their votes on the PF presidential candidate because the party did not have plans and a vision.

He said Zambians have so far managed to evaluate the performance of the PF and knew that the party had failed.

Mr Ng’uni  advised Zambians, especially the voters to avoid wasting their votes by trusting the PF because they did not have any idea how develop the country.

The UPND provincial secretary said Zambia needed a leader who knew what he or she believed in and has the courage and conviction to stick to these policies.

Mr Ng’uni has maintained that it would be unfortunate for the people of Zambia to entrust the welfare of the nation with people who did not have a  vision for the country.

He said the PF Government had failed even before it took over power from the MMD, adding that those who remained following the death of President Michael Sata have embarrassed the country because of their behaviour.

Mr Ng’uni has since implored Zambians to vote for Hakainde Hichilema.

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  1. that is very correct. the vice president is very good by not releasing any resources to PF for campaigning and that is to be a good leader when you stick to your rules. thanks again Mr. Guy Scott for saving the government resources

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