Nevers campaign goes tribal


ALLEGATIONS that another Bemba president would not be acceptable have propelled MMD president Nevers Mumba to stand and challenge the myth.

Addressing a rally in Kasama yesterday, Dr Mumba claimed that those who were opposed to his adoption as presidential candidate for the January presidential election did not want a Bemba candidate in the presidential race.

And former Kawambwa Member of Parliament (MP) Elizabeth Chitika said regional voting was real because Bembas could garner votes from the regions where other presidential hopefuls came from.

Dr Mumba launched his campaign in Kasama on a tribal tone and claimed that his political enemies were opposed to his ambitions because they did not want a Bemba presidential candidate.

Dr Mumba who until Saturday was not a presidential candidate because the former ruling party had adopted former president Rupiah Banda claimed that his political enemies wanted to knock him out of the presidential race to create room for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and PF president Edgar Lungu as the preferred candidates.

Dr Mumba said his political enemies were scared that his participation in the presidential election was going to reduce their chances of winning election. And Ms Chitika said the people of Northern Province should reject any candidate who did not hail from the region but vote for Dr Mumba who was their own. She encouraged the people of Northern Province to begin voting on tribal lines because according to her, other tribes were allegedly practicing the vice.    Ms Chitika told the people of Northern Province not to entertain candidates from other tribes alleging that the MMD in other region was not getting enough votes because its candidate was Bemba.