Psychological warfare


A VERY insidious psychological campaign has been launched against the outcome of the forthcoming Presidential elections.

It is a very dangerous scheme in which the cartel is preparing the UPND not to accept anything but outright victory in the Presidential elections next year.

This is very dangerous for the UPND and the country at large because it is planting a sinister and corrosive seed of mistrust in the entire electoral process even before elections are held.

We hope UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his members are alive to these machinations. They should remember that until recently UPND was nothing but a tribal party that could not be touched with a barge pole.

Now HH is a darling because he promises to be a worthy ally against a possible Edgar Lungu Government.  As we have warned in previous editorials, the people peddling these allusions are opportunists without good intentions for the country.

The cartel will not accept Edgar Lungu because he will not give them access to power and influence which they enjoyed under President Michael Sata.

 Instead of attacking Edgar directly they are attacking institutions of governance to prepare ground for dissent and insurrection. They have started by attacking the judiciary, impugning they have   “messed themselves”.

In this regard they have claimed sharp practices by lawyers who have obtained court orders in an irregular manner to support Edgar. This is the highest order of hypocrisy considering that they have remained mute even when we pointed out that our serving Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito had been found culpable of sharp practices by Supreme Court Judge Gregory Phiri.

Today, they are willing to accuse the entire bench of misconduct!

 They have gone a step further. They are now accusing the defence chiefs of collusion.

If indeed members of the Defence Force blackmailed Acting President, this would constitute treason and we do not expect that Dr. Scott, who has stood for transparency and propriety, would stand for it. He would be the first one to report to the rightful authorities as he has done before.

This is nothing but a puerile and idle claim made for the simple purpose of sullying the current process and preparing ground for future acrimony from which they hope to benefit.

 The church has rightly expressed outrage at this suggestion because it casts aspersions on a very noble task they undertook to bring peace among members of the same party.

The Church was fully alive and sensitive to the real danger posed by the intra party conflict within the PF and like all men of goodwill and conscience, sought to bring peace and reconciliation. They have managed to do so and must be commended.

Zambians must read between the lines and the broader picture is that UPND must win these elections and if not they will have been and there would be no point of litigating the loss before a compromised Judiciary.

The PF peace initiative has taken the rug from under their feet. They expected a prolonged PF wrangle from which they were benefiting and they are determined to find new ways of creating more  controversy and conflict.