Lusaka councillors get drainage system challenge


The Lusaka District Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has called on ward councilors to spearhead the drainage clearing exercise in their areas instead of concentrating on politics.

Lusaka DMMU chairperson Ashwell Kampengele said ward councillors must work hand in hand with his team to ensure residents supported the drainage clearance to avoid flooding in the city.

Mr Kampengele, who is Lusaka district commissioner, accused residents of failing to cooperate with his team in the effort to rid the city of unnecessary flooding during the current rainy season.

“My appeal is to the councilors in all the wards around Lusaka, to help the DMMU team by advising the residents to stop throwing garbage in drainages.

“As you are aware, we have engaged about 200 casual workers to help unblock the drainage systems around the central business district and other flood prone areas, but we are getting unfriendly response from the residents who have continued to throw garbage in the drainages,” he said.

Mr Kampengele explained that most residential areas were experiencing flooding not because of absence of drainages, but because most drainage systems were clogged with debris from rubbish dumped under the cover of the night.

He said DMMU was trying to engage the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to use the local authority equipment especially in the collection of debris removed from the drainages.

But Mr Kampengele however could not disclose the cost of the drainage clearing exercise as it was an on-going programme under his office.

The DC said over 200 casual workers have been employed under the drainage clearance exercise at a rate of K30 per day, and depending on the demand, it would be premature to speak about the amount of money to be spent.

“This is an on-going project, and we are still spending, so it would be premature for us to start speculating how much it will cost, but we are still on the ground,” he said.

Some of the residents affected by floods in Chawama constituency have refused to pave way for the construction of a drainage system in Kuku compound and around Chawama market.

There have been concerns of increased flooding following the onset of the rains as reported by the Zambia Metrological Department.