Miles Sampa ditches PF?

miles sampa

THE anti-Patriotic Front propaganda by Matero Member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa is a total betrayal of the very well intentioned effort by the church to bring peace in the party, secretary general Davis Chama has charged.

Mr Sampa has revealed that he is considering forming his own political party because the Patriotic Front (PF) has remained as divided as it has been since the demise of President Michael Sata.

But Chama has described Mr Sampa as the betrayer of all times that Zambians should never consider giving leadership because he had proved that he could not be entrusted with leadership.

Mr Chama said the PF was aware that Mr Sampa had launched a propaganda campaign to discredit the reconciliation between PF president Edgar Lungu and Acting President Guy Scott.

Mr Chama said Mr Sampa had shown the true colours of what he was by discrediting a reconciliation process that was mediated by the Church so that there could be peace and unity in the ruling party.

Mr Sampa has described the reconciliation between Acting President Guy Scott and PF president Edgar Lungu as cosmetic because the ruling party’s structures have remained deeply divided.

Mr Sampa disclosed that he refused to attend the press conference at Government House at which Dr Scott and MrLungu announced that the ruling party had buried the hatchets because the reconciliation talks did not address a number of fundamental issues that had caused the succession wrangles.

Addressing his supporters in Kasama on Sunday, Mr Sampa announced that he was planning to form his own political party because his relationship with the ruling party and its current leadership had broken down irretrievably.

Mr Sampa claimed the reconciliation announced by Dr Scott and Mr Lungu was not genuine and could not therefore be part of a peace deal that did not address critical issues that caused the differences in the party.

On Sunday, Saint Ignatius Catholic Church priest Father Charles Chilinda revealed that Mr Sampa was part of the several reconciliatory meetings and that he had committed himself that for the sake of peace and unity in the party, he was ready to sacrifice.

Fr Chilinda said Mr Sampa was among the people who attended the meeting at State House at which it was decided that the warring parties should hold a press conference to announce their reconciliation.Mr Sampa on Saturday shunned the reconciliation press conference at Government House but instead travelled to Kasama where he denounced the truce, describing it as a show for television.

“The PF is still divided and the reconciliation that was announced on Saturday by Dr Scott and Mr Lungu is cosmetic. The reconciliation was only made for television but the PF structures have remained as divided as they have been since the death of President Sata. The reconciliation process failed to address fundamental issues that caused the wrangles and divisions in the PF and I am contemplating forming my own party, Mr Sampa said.

Mr Sampa said the PF general conference that saw the election of Mr Lungu as party president and subsequently adopting him as the sole candidate for the January presidential election was a sham as it was done by a show of hands.

And Mr Chama said it was not surprising that Mr Sampa was planning to form his own political party because he had been elusive during the period when the reconciliation was being brokered. Mr Chama said Mr Sampa had his democratic right to form his political party and encouraged him to participate in the presidential election so that he could test his popularity he (Sampa) was claiming to be enjoying.

“We were shocked that he was missing at the reconciliation press conference and at the Supreme Court for the nomination of our candidate. Mr Sampa does not do what he says and such people should not be entrusted with leadership. Mr Sampa is the betrayer of all times. He has been saying that he wanted to protect President Sata’s legacy, is that the way to do it?” Mr Chama wondered.

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  1. So this Chama who is diverting money from Zambia railways to PF campaigns wants people to think Sampa holds no voters on his side?
    Just accept there is no Sata and No PF now.
    It is so splintered you can call it a toothpick company.

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