Cartel existed in PF-Kabimba

FORMER Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba has admitted that he and Acting President Dr. Guy Scott and other senior PF members are members of the infamous group called the cartel.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme yesterday, Mr. Kabimba said he did not find any problem to belong to a cartel.

“The cartel, if I understand it in the context of what has been said, it refers to the factionalism in the PF. There were factions and that is normal to have factions. So what tag and stigma you tag each group is really a question of vocabulary. As you know Guy Scott is my personal friend. I have had a personal relationship with him for the last 20 years and he is a family friend. I go to his house for dinner and he comes for a cup of coffee and we have a chat.

“So we have cultivated a personal relationship and three other people within the PF that were my compatriots but not personal friends and that is normal in life. Whatever you want to call us, whether cartel or gang really to me it’s a matter of vocabulary. Yes, I belonged to the cartel,” said Mr. Kabimba when pressed further to state which group he belonged to.

Mr. Kabimba also said he was a friend of Fred M’membe, the owner of the Post newspaper.

He also said he was not an arrogant man, stating: “I do not think that it is a perception. It is an allegation. I do not think that people that know me at close range think that I am arrogant.

“But let me tell you what I am. I hold a viewpoint over everything, so you will never come to me and ask me and I tell you that I do not know. I always have a viewpoint.

“I believe in my viewpoint and I will try and drive my viewpoint very strongly.

“That is my character and that partly because of my profession as a lawyer.

And Mr. Kabimba said he had been vindicated that he was not the cause of the confusion and leadership wrangles that characterized the ruling party before President Michael Sata died.

He said some officials in the party wanted him out because he was viewed as a stumbling block to their political ambitions to take over the party.

“I left the PF because I could not see Mr. Sata’s vision in the PF after his death.  I did not step out of the PF Government but was fired by late President Sata. So after his death I stepped out because the values I subscribed to during the lifetime of Mr. Sata were no longer existent in the party,” said Mr. Kabimba.

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