Nalubamba condemns MMD over tribal jibe

FORMER MMD Kawambwa Member of Parliament (MP) Elizabeth Chitika Molobeka has angered Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba of the Ila people of Namwala for telling the people of Northern Province against voting for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema because he was a non-Bemba.

Chief Nalubamba described the tribal sentiments attributed to Ms. Chitika as coming from people with “unschooled mind” bent on dividing the nation on tribal lines.

“It is disgusting to note that some politicians can sink so low to go tribal during the campaigns. It is shameful that even party president Dr. Nevers Mumba seems to have allowed it. What I can say for now is that she has decampaigned  Dr. Mumba because the people of Zambia want a president who will unite the country and put all tribes together as brothers and sisters,” said the traditional leader.

Chief Nalubamba accused Ms Chitika and the MMD of playing divisive politics in the manner they were asking for votes from the people of Kasama.

Ms. Chitika told Kasama residents on Sunday at Dr Mumba’s campaign meeting that they should vote for Dr Mumba who she said was their own son and not anyone from other tribes, a statement which has been widely condemned.

The senior chief warned that the message the MMD was promoting would divide the people, adding that it was only fair for Dr. Mumba as a party president to apologise to the people of Zambia from whom he was asking for votes.

“It is my demand that the party president Dr. Mumba should apologise to the people of Zambia for those tribal sentiments because they were made at his meeting and since then we have not heard him condemn Molobeka for asking people in Kasama to vote for him because he was their son.

“If he is not going to do so, he will find other regions hostile for him to do his campaigns.

I am disturbed as a traditional leader with the statement by Molobeka and the silence taken by party president Dr. Mumba,” Chief Nalubamba said.

He explained that Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the founding father of the Nation promoted One Zambia One nation because it was the only remedy that helped the country to enjoy unity and peace.

Chief Nalubamba observed that the way of life has changed and politicians must realise that people were getting married to different tribes which were not theirs.

“My sons are married to Bemba women. Is she asking me to have them out of my family? This tribalism will kill this country. What I can tell her is that she has disqualified Dr. Mumba from becoming the president of this country because the people of Zambia have seen the way they want to govern,” said Chief Nalubamba.

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  1. Very unfortunate indeed as Chitika belongs to a group of demented individuals with no love for moving the country forward and helping a generational mix of vibrant ideas joining hands together! Zambians must consign her and her likes to the dustbin! The country lags in development because of mediocrity in leadership.

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