Chitika defends her tribal campaign

THERE is an aggressive campaign in Southern Province by the Tonga speaking people not to vote for a Bemba in next month’s presidential election because they have ruled before, former MMD Kawambwa Member of Parliament Elizabeth Chitika Molobeka has charged.

Ms. Molobeka said she was not ashamed to have encouraged Bembas not to vote for anyone who did not come from Northern Province or was not a Bemba.

“I am not ashamed to have said what I said in reaction to what is going on and I shall discuss it in more detail to expose these hypocrites,” she said.

Defending her tribal statement that Bembas should not vote for anyone who was not a Bemba in the forthcoming presidential by-election, Ms. Molobeka said people in Southern Province, have composed a song in which they were saying “Mu Bemba ngu Satani” (A Bemba is a devil).

This is a tribal song preaching hatred and I would like to hear Mrs Namakau Kabwiku’s comment on it. All campaign posters for non Tonga candidates are being pulled down, including for the ruling party. Is this what Mrs Kabwiku calls “One Zambia One Nation”?” wondered Ms. Molobeka.

She said it was important for Zambians to understand the context in which she spoke on the matter, adding that she was surprised that people had reacted in a manner that ignored the facts but decided to condemn her for simply telling the truth.

“I have taken note of the reaction from Mrs Namakau Kabwiku (the UPND National Chairperson for women affairs), Chief Bright Nalubamba in Namwala, NGOCC and other Zambians who aired their sentiments on Radio Phoenix to the statements I made at a public rally in Kasama on Sunday 21st December 2014. I have been a politician for many years, served as a Member of Parliament for ten years and no tribal element has been unearthed in me. My own best friend is Tonga and many of my close friends are a “mixed grill”. My young sister is married to a wonderful Tonga man. One of my own twin daughters is married to a very nice Tonga man while the other is married to a marvelous man from Chibombo of the Bantu-Botatwe grouping,” said Ms. Molobeka.

She said she was not a tribalist saying that the challenge to the people of Kasama was that if UPND was saying Tongas could not vote for a Bemba president why should they ask for a Bemba vote.

“My question for the people of Kasama was that if UPND are saying that people cannot vote for a Bemba president, why are they asking Bembas to vote for Hakainde Hichilema? Why should it be acceptable for Mrs Kabwiku to go on a Community Radio station in Chipata during the Kasenengwa by-election and say “We don’t need a Bemba president in Zambia”? Meanwhile she wants to pretend to be a nationalist,” Ms. Molobeka said.

She said she did not believe in supporting someone based on tribe, but rather what they were capable of bringing to the table for the betterment of the nation.

“Unfortunately, there is an aggressive campaign in Southern Province urging people not to vote for a Bemba in the upcoming presidential election because they have ruled before. If this is not a tribal campaign, then I don’t know what else we can call it,” she said.

Ms. Molobeka said UPND was a wrong party to talk about unity in the country.

“Where is Dr John Mulwila, the first vice-president to the late Anderson Mazoka? Where is Patrick Chisanga, Bob Sichinga, Given Lubinda and Sakwiba Sikota who were vice-presidents for eight years? What happened to all these people? Zambians have not forgotten.”  Ms. Molobeka defended her statement in Kasama saying it was a reaction to what UPND were doing and that she was proud that her statement caught the attention of Zambians all over the country.

“My appeal to UPND is that they should not be quick to condemn me when they are the biggest culprits of pushing the tribal agenda in their villages. I am not ashamed to have said what I said in reaction to what is going on and I shall discuss it in more detail to expose these hypocrites. I challenge Mrs Kabwiku and her colleagues to tell the Zambians why they do not take the media and cameras when they are campaigning in the villages in Southern Province where they have been assured that the vote is theirs and their campaign teams should concentrate on other regions,” said Ms. Molobeka who was also MMD acting national treasurer.