PF youths campaign for Lungu


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) youths on the Copperbelt have urged Zambians to vote for PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu because he has been in the system and will not waste time to settle down like other opposition leaders who have never held any political position.

PF Copperbelt provincial Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda said Mr Lungu was already an oriented person in the system and so when voted as republican President on January 20, he would take less than two months to settle in State House before continuing with the infrastructure development left by the late President Michael Sata.

The PF Copperbelt provincial youth chairman said in an interview yesterday that Mr Lungu has being in leadership for quiet sometime and so he was the right man for the position of republican President

“Mr Lungu has served in various ministerial positions. He has served as PF Secretary General, and not only that, he has being a parliamentarian, Defence and Justice Minister plus acting Republican President of Zambia.

“But if we compare him to other politicians who are contesting the position of republican President, some have not tested leadership, they have  never been ministers, MPs or councillors. The other advantage with Mr Lungu is that he doesn’t need much time to orient himself after he is elected,” he said.

Mr Chanda said whoever will be elected President of Zambia will only rule for 18 months before the term of office ends and the time for the 2016 General election.

“If Zambians do not  vote for the PF candidate who is Mr Lungu, whoever will be elected republican President will start by accrediting  all the High Commissioners, Ambassadors, permanent secretaries, district commissioners and many other again, meaning he will have short  time to learn the dos and don’ts. And for them to learn it will take about 6 months and will be left with a year to govern the nation,” he said.

Mr Chanda said the late President Michael Sata left a good roadmap in terms of social and development project raging from infrastructure development.

He said the roadmap included the building of schools, hospitals and roads which could be seen under the Link Zambia 8000 and Pave Zambia 2000 among others.

“We need Edgar Lungu for prosperity, unity, stability, continuity not only that but he is the man of the moment to continue where the late president left and he has massive support from the local and international community.

“I for one feel Mr Lungu is a source of hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel especially for the youths. He has the plight of the youths at heart. He has talked about revisiting the retirement from 65 to 55. This shows that he has a listening heart,” he said.

Mr Chanda said Mr Lungu is a man of action going by the way he released the draft constitution immediately he was appointed Justice Minister.

“I am humbly appealing to all the youths and all well-meaning Zambians to vote for the PF Government so that we can finish the term because it is only the person who started something who can finish well,” he said.